June 29, 2019

Anyone else completely bought in to the Enneagram hype? The Denton Bridal Show team totally has. If  you have no idea what we are talking about, odds are you have seen a meme pertaining to this topic somewhere, but you just didn’t know it. If you are into Enneagram, th...

June 14, 2019

Did anyone else look up and realize it was June already?! Our summer show is right around the corner and we could not be more excited. And guess what? It’s time for another Vendor Viewpoint feature. These happen to be our favorite blog features, because you get to hear...

May 31, 2019

Dear DBS,

How to keep your cool as the mother of the bride?  


The wedding is just one day, but relationships last a lifetime! Don’t let your wedding create wounds that hinder your relationship for the long-term.  Right, you say.  But how do I keep that...

May 18, 2019

If you looked at the number in the title and thought “umm I do not have $15,000 to spend on my wedding”, don’t worry we got you!  Go read our first budget blog “Wedding Budget $5,000 or less!” and be encouraged. For those of you who feel like you can’t do it on your $1...

May 3, 2019

This is our second vendor viewpoint and we are so excited! Why? Because in this feature you get to hear from an expert in their field and find out just what they bring to the table and how they can add value and peace to your wedding day.

 Have you ever found yourself w...

April 19, 2019

 Dear DBS,

“What can I do for décor if I don’t have the budget for flowers?”

Like many of our Dear DBS, questions this presents a difficult dilemma. Although not everyone sees wedding flowers as crucial part of their day, the majority do.  And we get it! Flowers are love...

April 5, 2019

Photographer: Gaby Caskey Photo

Make up by: Makeup by Krista Ann

Bridal registration is officially OPEN!!!! Can you believe our 2019 Summer Show is coming up so fast?! The weather certainly doesn’t seem to be pointing towards Summer, just higher than usual electric bills...

March 22, 2019

Dear DBS,

My father won’t be at my wedding. I am dreading the father/daughter dance that people are expecting. However, I am looking forward to dancing with my 16 year old son who will also be walking me down the aisle. I am not sure what song to dance to...Any ideas?


March 8, 2019

You are in for a treat today! There are so many amazing vendors that take part in the Denton Bridal Show. We know it’s hard for you to meet them all and to get to know them like we do. So after some brainstorming we decided we should try to bring more of them and their...

February 22, 2019

It’s official! We are back in the states… and, yes, we are sinking into a slight state of depression. The shell shock of coming from perfect Caribbean weather to 34 degrees and rain is jarring to say the least. And, of course, we wish we could spend every morning havin...

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