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5 Top Reasons You Should Attend The Denton Bridal Show

Planning a wedding has always come with its difficulties. But while your mom was confined to magazine pictures and movies for wedding inspiration, you have access to entire online wedding worlds. In this way, the internet is obviously one of the most amazing, brain exploding things that has happened to the wedding industry.

There are thousands of bridal Pinterest boards you can choose from and you can google virtually any idea for a wedding you can think of. Not to mention, there are hundreds of online experts like,

The Knot , offering wedding advice daily that will keep you up on all the latest trends. But if you’re honest, in the midst of all this inspirational bliss, isn’t it easy to become overwhelmed?

I mean on a normal day Pinterest boards are an indispensable reference, but on a bad day your Pinterest board can turn on you, suddenly a reminder of all your wedding “will not be.”

After researching the gorgeous linens in that table setting you pinned, it turns out they are way out of your budget. Or you find that the town you live in doesn’t even have an outdoor venue that can accommodate 300 guests, so you end up spending your Friday evening drinking wine and deleting all your boho inspired outdoor wedding pins. Whomp, whomp.

Ok I hear what you’re thinking right now, “What’s your point Debbie downer, how can attending the Bridal Show keep me from the Friday night drink and delete session?” And to that question I respond, “I have 5 points actually.”

1. Make Your Pinterest Board A Reality

A Bridal Show is where your Pinterest board meets reality, and sometimes it even becomes reality! You may not avoid deleting on Pinterest altogether, but you will narrow down your pins, so they can become an actual wedding. At the Bridal Show you meet experts and they will let you know what they can do and what they can’t. It’s one thing to have all those inspirational pics, but an expert can help you determine exactly which ones you want to be a reality on your special day.

Most folks in the wedding industry are creatives, which means, just because they don’t have something on their website doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to try your ideas! And because the wedding community is a tight knit one, you may find that even if it’s something they can’t do for you they may recommend another vendor who can. And guess what, if you’re at the Bridal Show chances are that other vendor is probably just two tables down.

2. Make Connections

Connections are so important; I cannot stress this one enough. You need to meet and talk to vendors in person. They need to get a sense of who you are and what you love, and you need to see them in action doing what they love. This is a game changer and it’s one of the Bridal Show’s main purposes.

The Bridal Show will put you in a room with hundreds of creators who are dedicated to making your wedding a success! (* Hint: these people have probably dreamed about your wedding as much or more than you, that’s why they made it their job).

Even though it’s 2018 not everyone is on Instagram and even if they are they may not have a friendly relationship with that new algorithm. It can be tough starting out (trust us, we know)! So of course, you should do your online and social media research. Look up vendors’ sites and check out photos, but keep in mind you may not come across every vendor on social media, and you certainly can’t get as personal via the web. At some point you have to start meeting professionals in person, and the Bridal Show is the best place to start.

3. Win Free Stuff

This one doesn’t take much explaining, I mean it literally. Almost every vendor will have show-only prize drawings, so come prepared to write your name and email A LOT. Better yet, you Type A’s can go ahead and have labels printed with a wedding email address on them, and then you can just stick it on each form.

Not only will each vendor most likely have their own give-away, but

The Denton Bridal Show has a huge raffle and you get one raffle ticket just for coming. Last year, one of the prizes was a FREE WEDDING- it really doesn’t get better than that.

*Yes, you can buy extra raffle tickets, and you should. The odds really are in your favor!

4. Save Money

The Bridal Show is like “Wedding Black Friday.” I’m not exaggerating. Most of the vendors will be offering deals that are only available at the Bridal Show. It’s a dream come true if you are planning a wedding on a budget. It’s not a flea market so I’m not encouraging you to haggle, but I will encourage you to ask vendors if they offer a “show special.” They are attending because they want your business, so talk to them - human to human. Who knows, you may be just the Bride they’ve been looking to add to their portfolio, and a sweet deal may emerge.

5. Get On-Trend Advice

These vendors live and breathe weddings. They follow the blogs, sites, and other vendors more religiously than you. They know their stuff; their business depends on it! Bring your questions and ask them. Don’t see something you are looking for? Don’t be shy, ask about it. This event is created to connect you with ideas you didn’t know existed.

There are so many more reasons I haven’t shared to attend The Denton Bridal Show, like free cake. But for the sake of time, I hope it’s obvious that this is an event you don’t want to miss, even if you register just to bring your girls, eat free cake, and wear a tiara. Just remember, that Pinterest board wedding is not going to plan itself!

You can follow and research vendors as they register on the Vendor List page. Have questions about a local vendor you don’t see, ask about them on the contact us page!

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