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Premiere Vendor Feature: The Barn at Paradise Plantation

This Premiere Vendor Feature is extra special because we are featuring a brand-new venue that opens in the Fall of 2018, which means you could be one of the first brides to book this gorgeous site.

Today’s Premiere Vendor Feature: The Barn at Paradise Plantation.

The dream for The Barn at Paradise Plantation started five years ago when it was purchased by Blain and Lisa in hopes of someday retiring on the peaceful property. But when their daughter got engaged, she begged them to build a wedding barn. The dream for the barn wasn’t quite realized at this time, so instead the daughter, Amanda and her fiancé, Mike picked out the perfect spot on the land for the ceremony.

The family spent a year preparing the site for the occasion and even named it Wedding Hill. Amanda and Mike were married under a huge oak tree overlooking the pond and it was breath taking, but it all took place during a torrential downpour. And that’s how they decided they wanted to host many more weddings on their land but realized they would need an indoor option.

With the dream of a barn finally realized, Blain and Lisa prayed for several months and consulted with many professionals. When they received what they felt was conformation they began taking all the steps necessary to build a new barn from the ground up.

Careful consideration went into every detail, from the decision to take down the beautiful oak tree that became the inspiration for their logo, to the location of the barn being next to the pond. They cannot wait to share their little slice of Paradise with the community! They are in process of building the barn right now.

The ranch is 49 tree-filled acres and includes an on-site pond with largemouth bass and bluegill. And in true ranch fashion they host livestock longhorns, sheep, donkeys, and chickens.

Their daughter, Amanda became the venue Director, and she will be there for brides from initial contact to your honeymoon send off. And her husband, Mike is the property manager, and he will ensure that every detail of The Barn at Paradise Plantation is in perfect condition for your special day.

It’s not often that the staff have the unique perspective of hosting their own wedding on site, so if you pick The Barn at Paradise Plantation you can rest assured they will make your day perfect!

They are scheduling tours of the property! Call (214) 213-1897 or contact them via their website. And follow the barn's progress on their social media, Instagram and Facebook.

We caught up with Blain and Lisa to ask some questions and let you hear things form their perspective! In case you couldn’t tell from their adorable story, they are adorable, and we can’t even with them!

What is something about each your business that no one else would probably know?

We sold the home we raised our children in, so we could move out to Paradise and build our wedding barn. It was so hard to let that home go and it has not been an easy road, but it has been so worth it so far. We are building our new dream and can’t wait to share it with you.

What is your favorite part of owning and running your business? Least favorite?

We are relatively new to the wedding industry, so we are still learning and experiencing all the ups and downs. One of our favorites so far has been designing our barn to match the beautiful moments that will be captured there. And on the flip side, the least favorite is probably over-analyzing every single detail. We hope everyone will love it just as much as we do.

What is your most unique quality that sets you apart from the competition?

The whole reason we decided to build our barn was because we loved having our eldest daughter’s wedding on our property. We want every single wedding and event to feel like a down to earth family affair, out in the country. We strive to be easy to work with and welcoming for your big day.

What are your goals, hopes and dreams for the future of your business?

Our hope is to not only host beautiful weddings, but we hope and strive to commit to be a good neighbor in our community. We will be planning several ways we will give back to our community – including hosting a Thanksgiving meal every year for the less fortunate.

What is the best part about the Denton Bridal Show, for your business?

Of course, it is always nice to get face to face time with couples, but we also really love meeting local vendors.

Tell us about your favorite wedding so far?

Our first wedding is scheduled for November 2018, which is very sentimental as we will be celebrating our second daughter’s wedding!

What is the best moment during a typical wedding day, in your experience?

I think there are too many to choose from, but we love it when the groom first sees his bride – and the father daughter dance always gets us.

If you had to own 500 lbs. of one thing (and it can’t be jewels or gold) what would it be?

Memories <3

Mountains or Beach? Mountains

Favorite Season?

Fall – something about the crisp air and hint of the holidays approaching that just makes us fall in love every year, plus the Texas weather finally is bearable.

Describe your style in two words?

Industrial Farmhouse

Ideal celebrity wedding couple?

I think we have all jumped on the Royal bandwagon lately – so we’ll say Harry and Meghan. They are just so classy, and you can feel the love between them.

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