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Top 5 Faves of the Summer Show

Did you miss us? We are back and “Winter is Coming.” Don't worry we are more thrilled about it than John Snow.

(I know, nerdy Game of Thrones reference but I couldn’t resist.)

You heard us right though, Winter is coming. So not only did we take a mini sabbatical because Summer is about to come to a screeching halt with our kids starting school and we needed to stop and enjoy what was left of it, but we realized even though it’s still sweltering outside there are only a few short weeks between the Summer Show and the official promotion of registration for the Winter show.

It’s crazy, but crazy in a fun way. So, we are up and running full speed. But we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to recap on the Summer show, because it was AMAZING!

So here is our Top 5 Favorites List regarding the Summer Show:

1. There were so many brides! The number of brides at our summer show increased by over 40% And we were tickled pink about that. We worked hard to roll out our new social media plan for this show and we feel it was a complete success. We also put our heads together and worked on some extra special details, like adding in more giveaways and featuring our new branding with the décor! And guess what, it’s no surprise we received more bride feedback than ever, and it was POSITIVE!

2. It felt like we were starting fresh. Yes, we have been around for 4 years, but the new venue just gave the show a fresh vibe. Combined with our branding and new social media presence it felt like we were definitely operating on a new level. And we felt that our vendors were too! Overall this was our best Summer Show to date.

3. Our videographer “NAILED IT!” Be on the lookout for our next blog, it features our videographer, Jordan Stark from J Stark Video, who created the amazing intro video on social media featuring all the vendors (Haven't seen it? Head to our Instagram). We were thrilled with his work. He truly captured the feel of the show. P.S. he’s working on our full promo video coming soon!

4. Our vendors. We have amazing, dependable vendors! The show doesn’t happen without wedding professionals, and ours brought it. Every booth was unique and top-quality. Brides raved about the kindness and hospitability of every single one. We were also so impressed with the vendors willingness to be a part of our intro video. Great sports all around!

5. Our flipping volunteers. Listen- this show cannot get off the ground without its volunteers. They are the literal backbone of this event. The Denton Freedom House guys and our registration ladies are so flexible and willing to serve. We couldn’t pull it off with out them.

*Unofficial #6- stories of LeeAnn getting caught eating…. We laughed so hard we peed a little. OKAY- A-LOT Instagram

Loving our photos form the show? See more in our new Gallery page!

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