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Premiere Vendor Feature: J. Starks Video Productions and our new promo video

We got so many happy comments on our bridal show pre-video when we posted it on Instagram that we couldn’t help but share a little more about it and our videographer here on the blog!

It was exciting putting it together and we could not have pulled it off without the help of our vendors and videographer. Our vendors showed up on time and had their booths ready to go early so that we could start filming, which was huge deal! There is always so much energy before the show starts we really hoped to capture that and we love how that it did come through in the video. *For those of you reading that have never attended a bridal show we want you to know the vendors really are that excited to meet you!

Our videographer was a dream to work with and he hustled getting us the video to post on social media asap. He filmed everything that morning and then got the finished video back to us like 30 minutes after the show started. We were impressed.

So many of you reached out and asked which videographer we worked with and so, we decided to serve up a Premiere Vendor feature post giving you the inside scoop on he and his company. We also have some bonus material, just for fun we are sharing with you for the first time our new promo video created for the show!

Today’s Premiere Vendor Feature: J. Stark Video Productions

J. Stark Video Productions is family owned and operated. Jordan and his wife, Sarah take a great deal of pride in their business. Film was always a passion for them, from making childhood movies, to developing and producing video skills in college. They started the company in 2011. The business began because a friend who knew Jordan had experience in film and editing asked if he would film their wedding. Jordan agreed and offered his services for an affordable rate. Upon finding out how much other companies were charging for video services Jordan was astonished! And J. Stark Video Productions was born and started getting steady business due to convenient, competitive pricing.

This was true in our experience working with Jordan as well. So, brides if you are looking for quality, that is also affordable we would definitely send you Jordan’s direction!

We caught up with he and his adorable wife and partner and asked some questions so that you could get to know them better.

What is something about your business that no one else would know?

Something someone might not know about our business is that we can really film any kind of project- while we specialize in weddings and special occasions, we have filmed and produced an online talk show about movie reviews (Two Guys & A Lamp), and we have filmed and put together a music video. We really can help anyone with any of their video needs!

What is your favorite part of owning and running your business? Least favorite? Our favorite part of running our business is making a video that we will know will be something a couple or family will treasure for a lifetime. Having a tangible thing to look back on in live motion- there’s nothing better! Our least favorite part of the business is finding out when people have over paid for video services... Or that people didn’t get film because they thought they couldn’t afford it. We think everyone should be able to have their special memories captured, not just the rich and well-off. What sets you apart from your competition?

Our unique quality that sets us apart from other video providers is that we are personable. We care about our customers and want to capture exactly what our customers ask for. Many time film producers and editors have a vision that is their way or the highway, but with us your ideas and desires are included so that we incorporate those personal touches to your video. What are your goals, hopes, and dreams for the future of your business?

To be the most sought out video service provider for special events and weddings in Texas! And not just because we think we are entitled, but because we are the most affordable professional video service around that provides quality video products. What is the best part about the Denton Bridal Show, for your business?

We love the Denton Bridal Show because it provides an opportunity for brides, grooms and families to see what vendors are out there, and to talk with the vendors face to face. It’s a great opportunity for a business like ours to make a great first impression. We love being at the Denton Bridal Show and love all the marketing and advertising it brings us! Tell us about your favorite wedding so far?

Truly, our favorite wedding so far was our own (Jordan and Sarah Stark’s that is). We were not able to film our wedding ourselves of course, but we had our assistants capture the beautiful and fun event. Jordan did the editing and added fabulous touches to make it a very special video. We watch it every year on our anniversary. We think our wedding will always be our favorite. What is the best moment during a typical wedding day, in your experience?

The best moment in a wedding in our opinion is when the bride makes her grand entrance and the groom sees her heading down the aisle to wed him. It is hands down one of the most precious moments in life, filled with so much excitement and love. The procession is our favorite moment to capture of the couple. If you had to own 500lbs of one thing (and it can’t be jewels or gold) what would it be?

We would love to own 500lbs of different film equipment! We love cameras, lighting, drones, video software... we love what we do and love having the best equipment! Mountain or Beach? We are definitely bigger fans of mountains over beaches. There is so much majesty, wonder, danger and greatness to behold with mountains; we could spend a lifetime just being in the mountains. We have not filmed a mountain wedding yet- but we would definitely LOVE to!

Favorite Season? Our favorite season, especially when filming, is the fall season. The changing of the leaves, pumpkins, comforting food and family time... We just love the fall and love all the warm colors and clothes that come with it.

Interested in booking with the Starks? Head to their website or social media.

Bonus Feature: Our New Promo Video featuring the Denton Bridal Show by J. Starks

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