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Let's Hear It From A Bride!

We have met so many incredible women through the Denton Bridal Show we decided it would be fun to start doing some interviews! Not only because we believe each couple is unique and we want the scoop on their one-of-a-kind wedding ideas, but also because its helpful for newly engaged brides to get ideas, struggles, and advice from each other!

Our first bridal interview was with Willisa.

We met her at the Summer Show and fell in love! She is such a fun, radiant human- and she's gorgeous too. We can not wait to see her in her wedding gown. She dabbles in vlogging so if you want more you can go check out her channel!

She and her Fiancé, Edward were engaged on November 21, 2018 and they are downright adorable. Enjoy our interview with her below!

Read More BLOG POSTS! Also we answers questions via our Dear DBS column send us your bridal dilemma questions and we will do our best to answer! Connect with us via dentonbridalshow@gmail.com


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