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Premiere Vendor Feature: Hawthorn Hills Ranch

You are in for a treat, today’s vendor feature: Hawthorn Hills Ranch

This gorgeous, versatile venue, just outside of Denton has everything you are looking for and more! Your guests will love the hillside view, cobblestone courtyard & strung lights on any evening of the week. The venue is complete with dressing rooms, large prep kitchen & granite bar to make preparation and celebration on your special day easy and organized. And there are multiple package options, but we will talk about that later!

Photo: Haley Katherine Photography Floral: A Time to Shine

Hawthorn Hills opened its doors in the fall of 2016 but started working with amazing couples in 2014. They searched for the perfect location - minutes from accommodations but with an incredible view to create a destination feel in just a short drive.

The Hawthorn Hills story began with venue director and co-owner Amanda. She had more than a decade of experience with event planning, and over half of that experience was in weddings. Amanda’s husband was medically retired from a career as a firefighter due to an on the job injury, so they decided to take a leap and began taking steps to making the venue happen. {well...a well prepared, researched and calculated leap – she is a planner after all!}

Something truly unique about Hawthorn Hills was that the co-owners had North Texas pros from photographers to caterers weigh in on things to shape the amenities and even the final wall color. They knew they didn’t want this to be just a building but the ultimate venue.

Helping others plan and create an experience they’ll remember forever is their focus. The staff here are family oriented, helping to make the most of your day, from incorporating keepsakes to keeping toy trucks and coloring books on hand for the smallest guests. They love creating a welcoming atmosphere for their couples.

As we stated in the beginning, this venue offers multiple packages, whether you need space for a half-day or prefer the all-inclusive option. Indoor or outdoor, they’ve got you covered!

As usual we could go on and on about our premiere vendors and all they offer because we adore them. but we want to let you hear it from the owners! We caught up with Hawthorn Hills Owner, Amanda Allison and had her answer our Premiere Vendor questions. Enjoy.

What is your favorite part of owning and running your business? Least favorite?

Favorite - getting to walk our couples from the first step to the end. Creating relationships helps us put the finishing touches on that “experience” we know they want to create. It allows us to be more than a building that is open for a few hours and that’s it.

Least Favorite - Yikes! Probably having to say no. We always want to go above and beyond for our couples but there are safety lines we can’t cross, or policies that we are held to and it may be silly but even still - we hate having to say no!

What is your most unique quality that sets you apart from the competition?

Our heart for sure!

Couples often ask what our day looks like for their wedding. It usually starts the week before and always means we are there long before and after they are. We LOVE doing this and we do it well - we have the experience but more, so we have the passion to deliver. This isn’t just a job to us. It’s our way of giving to other and our family business.

What are your goals, hopes and dreams for the future of your business?

We want to keep growing and serving more couples each year!

Our biggest goal is to continue providing a personal service that keeps planning easy on our couples without making them feel rushed on their wedding day. One of our hopes is that we can continue to evolve with the trends. Our venue is very versatile and easy to use your own style from rustic to elegant, simple or romantic. That was done on purpose - but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few things up our sleeve in the coming years!

We have big plans over the next couple years and we’d love for you to follow along with us on social media to see it happen.

What is the best part about the Denton Bridal Show, for your business?

Meeting everyone! We are SO excited each show to see some of our favorite vendor friends, meet new ones and to see all the sweet couples walking around. We know not everyone needs a venue but helping point them to who they are looking for is just as fun for us. It’s not often we get to go off-site to share our heart and personality so when we do we always look forward to it!

Tell us about your favorite wedding so far?

Yikes! I have a few... so to keep it simple I’ll share what made them stand out. Our favorite weddings are the ones filled with the most personality and love. I know, it probably sounds corny but listen- anyone can pick a menu, play some songs and call it good. But it’s when an authentic vision comes together from the florals a bride designed with her florist to the centerpieces or decor, they stayed up late working on that makes it a unique experience.

Some of our favorite examples of this were family style seating with long tables, custom built yard games, and a vintage truck used to serve beverages. Working these weddings are so rewarding, plus the dance moves get extra impressive when people are wrapped in the day!

What is the best moment during a typical wedding day, in your experience?

The best moment has got to be when they first walk into the venue after the ceremony - it’s just them and they are ECSTATIC! It’s that moment when they stop stressing, and just enjoy - no nerves, no planning just all about why they are here to celebrate with their family & friends.

It’s even better when we get a quick hug or high five as they sneak off for their photos, so guests can enjoy the cocktail hour.

If you had to own 500 lbs. of one thing (and it can’t be jewels or gold) what would it be?

OH MAN. Can we have 500 lbs. worth of puppies? Although if they’re as big as mine that’s really not that many... Or how about 500 lbs. of games. Board games, card games, video games, any type of game you can play with family or friends! I grew up in a house where people were always welcomed, games were brought out and laughing & memories made.

Favorite Season?

Fall! I love the sweater weather, when the sun still feels warm, but you don’t instantly melt when you walk outside. I get to spend days outside with our kids and evenings next to a fire pit.

Ideal celebrity wedding couple?

Well... since Jessica + Justin Timberlake are already married I would have to say Brett Young & Taylor Mills.

You have heard us say it before but just one more time for good measure, our Premiere Vendors are amazing. To book with Hawthorn Hills Ranch just head to their website or Facebook page.

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