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Let's Hear It From The Bride

It's time for another "Let's Hear It From The Bride". Paris attended our summer show right after getting engaged! Before we get to the interview portion with her we had to share her and her guy's adorable story. And not just the story of how they met, but also how he, Aaron proposed!

Of course, as usual I was going to type out the story after she shared it with me. But I went on their wedding site to look at engagement photos and low and behold this adorable groom had written the most endearing version of the story. He had put so much thought into it I decided there was no reason to paraphrase it for the blog. I am definitely not someone to copy and paste -but guys these two are adorable.

"Paris and Aaron met the way more and more Millennials currently meet. The internet. After multiple failed attempts of finding meaningful relationships on the mainstream apps, both somehow landed on a smaller knows app named "Coffee Meets Bagel". CMB for short from here on. CMB isn't just a swiping app based fully on profile pictures. CMB has a split screen with the pictures on the first and a lengthy description on the bottom half of the screen. The app also limits your daily swipes, or choices so that you concentrate on getting to know a person, not acquiring more and more matches. Paris and Aaron matched when Aaron was on vacation skiing. The match must have occurred before he left for Denver with his friends, which presented a bit of a problem on the app. The app gives you a limited window in which you can communicate with a match. After a few days the app freezes your conversation and you have to request the other person if they would agree to extend the time window. This is in effort to encourage people actually meeting. With Aaron on the slopes, and Paris' inability to check her phone on a regular basis the couple seemed doomed. Luckily, Aaron asked for the extension and after a day of waiting Paris accepted. Upon his return Aaron was swamped with work so a date could not be set up in a timely manner. The two were on the verged of being locked out from their conversation yet again. With literally hours to spare Aaron sent out a hail mary. He apologized for not being forward earlier. He sent Paris his phone number and asked if she was still interested if she could contact him so that they could set up a date. A day later Paris sent Aaron a text and the rest is history. So you know, a modern day love story!" ~ Aaron

I hope you are as happy as we are they didn't miss their window on that APP! If that story didn't get you the proposal will. The engagement photos tell it all.... girl meets boy.. girl meets puppy... girl gets engaged!!! Yes, that adorable pupperoni was wearing a "will you marry me" collar and We. Can. Not. with. it.

We are wishing this couple the best and we can't wait to see how wonderful the wedding turns out to be. We will check back in with them after their nuptials. Thank you Paris for sharing!

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