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Dear DBS....

We got so many good Dear DBS questions from this winters show, we can't wait to share them all! Here's the first one.

Is it possible to have an indoor wedding ceremony and reception in the same room with both set up? If so how?

Yes, it is possible! But it does require some flexibility and the size of the space will more than likely dictate the direction you move in. Without seeing this particular space and being able to look at it creatively, we have shared below at least three options that we have seen work in venues before.

We did not include the obvious in our three. If the room is large enough, you could setup the ceremony on one end and the reception on the other. Of course, a space this large is not typical.

In a smaller room, the first option would be to setup tables in the reception area, but take the chairs from each table and use them for the ceremony first. The chairs create the aisle. Once the end of the ceremony is announced there could be a brief turn over period where designated persons move chairs back to reception area.

Of course, depending on whether there is a space elsewhere for a quick cocktail or appetizer hour, you could complete this change over while guests are enjoying that special intermission. In case you didn’t know, this is how people using the same room typically turn over a large transitional space from ceremony to reception. So, check with your venue and look for a garden, patio, or hallway guest could loiter in while you serve them drinks or apps.

For the second option we have seen weddings that set up the reception tables in way that creates an aisle. Guests simply find their seating for the entire evening upon arrival. After the ceremony there is no transition to another space, but you can make the exit and re-entry of the bridal party the signifier of the reception's beginning.

For the third option, depending on the type of ceremony you are longing for you, you could have guests stand. This idea usually gets an initial reaction of shock, but hear us out. Often ceremonies are very short. So, having guests stand on either side of the aisle in order to keep from hindering your reception dreams could be totally worth it and completely doable if you keep the nuptials short and sweet.

Again, it’s hard to answer without seeing the space you are working with, but there are usually many creative solutions! Don’t be afraid to buck tradition and think outside the box, after all that is what will make your wedding unique. I recently saw a photo online of two bikers getting married in the desert and every single guest was seated on a motorcycle! Make it your day.

We LOVE getting all your questions! Hope our answers help.


Denton Bridal Show

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