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Vendor's Viewpoint featuring Krista Ann

You are in for a treat today! There are so many amazing vendors that take part in the Denton Bridal Show. We know it’s hard for you to meet them all and to get to know them like we do. So after some brainstorming we decided we should try to bring more of them and their personalities to you via the world wide web! Our hope is to create a space where you can hear the heart behind the vendors work and even learn a little more about what makes them tick as a human being.

We are thrilled that our first ever “Vendors Viewpoint” is with Krista Ann from

If you have never met this Texas sweetheart then buckle up, because she is as inspiring as she is beautiful! Brides, if you are looking for a makeup artist that will steal your heart away… she might just be the one so keep reading.


What inspires you?

  • I can find inspiration in everything: lyrics in a song, colors in a sunset, a bride’s dress, or another makeup artist’s masterpiece. I’m always looking around for things that inspire me; inspiration is my fuel!

Take us through a day in your life?

  • Wake up, love on my animals, coffee, emails, texts, more coffee -- then makeup, all day every day! On my days off I love to start my day with my fur babies snuggled in bed, find time to read a good book, and spend some quality time with my husband!

Now tell us what your best work day looks like?

  • Every day is my best work day! 😊 But I particularly love doing makeup for both weddings and photo shoots - both are filled with so much love and beauty. With weddings, I get to spend most of the day with my fabulous brides and their bridal party - and it is always exactly that: a party! Photo shoots are completely different and I feed off of the energy that comes from collaborating with creatives.

Do you have a work jam or fave ritual that gets you in the groove?

  • Oh heck yes! Before every wedding, I get my Starbucks quad espresso and have a dance party in my car to Britney or Beyoncé (my QUEENS). I really couldn’t get through a day - or a winged out eye - without my coffee and my power anthems!

What do brides need to know before booking with you?

  • I truly pour my heart and soul into my business, and love each and every one of my brides. When a bride books with me, I try to make sure they are not only booking a makeup artist, but also an advisor; more times than not, my clients are trusting me with vendor recommendations, suggestions on colors, and more! My number one goal is to make sure my brides feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on their wedding day! I only book one wedding a day to ensure that my bride of the day has my full attention, and I am not rushing to get to another client.

  • I range from super-glam looks to natural “no-makeup” looks, but am most known for what I can only refer to as “natural glam”: bold lashes with a softer eye, pop of highlight and a timeless lip. I work with each of my brides to customize their looks based on their inspiration and how they want to look for their wedding. This ranges from the colors of their wedding to the colors of their flowers. I also work with brides to help them determine a look based on their photographer’s editing style - believe it or not this totally changes a makeup look! Different editing trends really effect how makeup appears in photos, so we work to give them the look they’re really dreaming of when paired with their photographer’s style.

What do you think brides in 2019 need to know in general?

  • Trial runs are so important when booking a makeup artist. This is the time when you will meet with your artist and customize your makeup look. The trial run is also when you will know if you need to change anything about your look to make sure your wedding day makeup is perfect; it’s common for a bride-to-be to come in with a particular vision, but feel differently once they see it on their own face. Trends are so easy to follow but I always like to tell my brides “think timeless, not trendy”.

  • Also, research your vendors, read reviews, and make sure you mesh well personally with your entire vendor team! This could be one of the biggest things I would advise. It is extremely important to know and trust who you are working with on one of the biggest days of your life.

What’s the best compliment you could receive regarding your work?

  • Of course, it always makes my heart happy any time a bride tells me they feel beautiful - but nothing gets to me more than when I see those happy tears flow the first time they see themselves! They cry, I cry...thank God for waterproof mascara, right? But every happy bride is a success in my book.

Anything else you would like to add?

  • Wedding planning should be fun! Try to slow down and enjoy it - even the chaotic parts.

Isn't she amazing! If you want to learn more about Krista, check out her pricing, or book her head to her website, Instagram, or Facebook!

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