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Dear DBS...

Dear DBS,

“What can I do for décor if I don’t have the budget for flowers?”

Like many of our Dear DBS, questions this presents a difficult dilemma. Although not everyone sees wedding flowers as crucial part of their day, the majority do. And we get it! Flowers are lovely and can add so much to the celebration. But as much as we love flowers, and all of our amazing floral vendors mind you, we also understand budgeting. Sometimes flowers just don't fit! And we applaud you for looking for solutions that will help your stick to your financial goals as a new couple. With that said, we believe resourcefulness and creativity are key in addressing the no flowers dilemma.

First idea, check with your venue to see what they offer for free, you can always embellish or add to those items. Also, check to see if there’s a wedding the day before yours. If so, you can reach out to that bride and offer to split the cost of flowers. This could be a “win-win” for everyone. You both save money and time, the first bride saves time on clean-up and you save time on setup since she’d leave the flowers behind.

Above ideas not an option? Another cost effective idea is candles. Candles are very inexpensive, easy to find, and they can transform a room all by their little selves. And you can rent, borrow, buy or make them!

Have lots of candles and want to level up? Add glassware or candle holders. Votive holders and vases can be found in every shape and size. We have done many weddings with cases of hurricanes and votives from the Dollar Tree. Looking for free options and willing to do some work? We have seen budget brides collect everything from pickle jars to Topo Chico bottles to use for their centerpieces.

Another option, have your wedding outdoors or in a natural spot, and let nature do the decorating for you. Get crafty! We have seen many fall weddings that used leaves, acorns, pumpkins, and hollowed out branches with candles for centerpieces. We have also gone out and foraged for pine branches and holly berries for Winter weddings. And nothing says Spring wedding in Texas like wild Bluebonnets. It’s against the law to pick these blue beauties, but there’s not a law against getting married in a field of flowers!

Not feeling crafty? Remember you can often rent centerpieces, or buy a collection of second hand wedding decor off sites like Craigslist and Facebook Market from people who were recently married.

The bottom line, as we always say- this is your day! So don’t be afraid to use your imagination and make it memorable. And remember, as Winnie the Pooh says, “Nothing always leads to the best something”…. Or something like that!


Denton Bridal Show

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