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Vendor's Viewpoint featuring CM Promotions

This is our second vendor viewpoint and we are so excited! Why? Because in this feature you get to hear from an expert in their field and find out just what they bring to the table and how they can add value and peace to your wedding day.

Have you ever found yourself wondering what exactly a wedding planner does? If that answer is yes, then you have stumbled into the right blog! Today’s Vendor Viewpoint focus is on wedding planners. We have reached out to Cindy from CM Promotions for her unique perspective. She is new to the job of wedding coordinating and she is really just making her mark on the wedding industry in Denton. This kind and genuine soul loves her job! And that means she is full of new, fresh ideas and insights. She is young, energetic, and inspired.

By nature, wedding planners are generally “connectors.” It is their job to network with other businesses in the industry. So when you book a wedding planner, you tap into years of connections, networking and resources. When we asked Cindy about this very topic, she replied, “I am passionate about weddings and the planning involved and I really want to help in any way I can. I tell brides I first meet, I am a resource for you and I really mean that. On most days I have a networking event, sometimes two. I make it my goal to get out every day and meet someone new.” Umm who wouldn’t want someone like that in their corner during the wedding planning process!

Wedding planners are masters at handling stress. I mean who chooses to make the most stressful day of most people's lives their full time job- wedding planners! And they love it. They are quick thinkers, able to keep an objective mind during a very emotional time. They generally have a solution to EVERY problem, or at least a plan A,B,C, and D (and maybe even E,F,G) and there is literally no situation they haven’t come across. Not only are they handling all the details, but they are often also highly skilled “guidance counselors” – meaning they will keep you focused on what is MOST important.

Cindy said it best when we asked her what her favorite part of her job is, “ A wedding day of course! But seriously, those are my favorite work days because that is when all of the planning and hard work come together. I love meeting and greeting all the vendors and making sure they have what they need, greeting guests and directing them to the ceremony location, confirming with the family and wedding party, and checking in with the Bride (usually reminding her to breathe). Truly, this is a day to celebrate love with the people you are closest to. I want to make sure no one misses those special moments. If things go wrong it won’t matter, because at the end of the day it is about who you are committing the rest of your life to. That is what I want brides to remember about their wedding!”

A common misconception is that you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner. But in our opinion, you can’t afford NOT to have a wedding planner. The hope is that a wedding planner is so connected in the industry, they are able to negotiate contracts and cost saving strategies for your big day. Sometimes they even receive special pricing from other vendors in the industry - in other words, they can get you the “hook-up.” By the end of your wedding day, a good planner should have ended up paying for themselves in the amount of money they save you. Remember they want to stay within your budget, after all that budget includes their payment!

Whether you are considering hiring a full-service planner to walk you through the entire process OR just hiring a day of coordinator, it’s hard to put a dollar amount on their service and expertise. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they should have hired a wedding planner until it’s too late.

Don’t forget, just like we recommend checking reviews and doing your homework before booking any vendor, we highly encourage you to set up a consultation with a wedding planner- the sooner the better! When we asked Cindy about this, she replied, “These meetings are my favorite because I get to share my knowledge and resources with brides. I love when I can tell after our meeting how much better they feel about the planning process, that makes it all worth it!”

Want a sneak peak into the planning mind of Cindy? Here are her answers to some of the fun questions we asked.

What inspires you?

More like what doesn’t? My boyfriend, the Denton Community, my friends, friends I haven't made yet, brides, weddings & the list could go on. I have always considered myself a very productive and motivated person. I get inspired easy and once I set my mind to something there is no stopping me.

In 2019, my mantra became ‘move with intention’. To me this means prioritizing my day to ensure everything I do personally and professionally is purposeful. One of my intended goals is to grow my business, so I have committed to several networking events per week. I set intentional time aside for family and I make sure to spend 60 mins working out, this helps to clear my head. Life is a balance and as long as I am staying positive and moving with intention, to the best I can, I believe I will stay inspired!

Take us through a day in your life?

Well, it typically starts at 5:30am, early I know! I have always been morning person and I am either hitting the ground running, (literally) or on my way to a Camp Gladiator workout. Fast forward two hours and I am already showered, dressed and on my second cup of coffee, probably responding to some emails at my desk.

My business is just over a year old and although I am happy with how far I have come, I know there is so much room for growth. One of my favorite things about Denton is the amount of events the town hosts, if you are bored in Denton you aren’t doing it right!

Lunch is again usually at my computer following up with vendors or responding to more emails. Depending on the day, I may have a few phone consultations or a venue tour scattered in, I love seeing new venues! During the evenings, I schedule my meetings with brides and potential clients. My go to spot is Zera coffee.

Do you have a fave ritual or work jam that gets you in the groove?

Great question & not really. I sang ‘Going to the Chapel’ in the third grade talent show so I guess if I had to pick, it would be that. There are so many positive memories associated with this song. I honestly would say I get the most hyped up after the rehearsal, because that’s when I have officially met everyone, and I play the actual wedding songs, so it’s kind of like the real thing!

What do you think brides in 2019 need to know in general?

Create a wedding email account, start early & have fun! Having a wedding email account where you can keep all of your vendor communication, quotes, etc. in one place will be a life saver! Start early, this allows you to research and talk to several vendors and not feel rushed to book the first one. Wedding planning should feel new and exciting and shouldn’t be overwhelming. Enjoy the process!

If you want to learn more about Cindy, check out her pricing, or book her by heading to her Instagram, or Facebook!

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