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Vendor's Viewpoint: Brittany Barclay

Hello all!

We know it feels like the twilight zone out there right now, so vendors and couples alike, know that you are in our prayers. We recognize the big elephant in the room, a global pandemic, is wreaking havoc on small businesses, and because of that we felt our Vendor Viewpoint to be more important than ever. We believe that there is a light at this end of this tunnel, and it will lead to so many weddings because - love wins.

Today’s Vendor Viewpoint is highlighting Brittany Barclay Photography. She is a long-time participant of the Denton Bridal Show, practically a veteran, and of course a dear friend.

Brittany is a Denton Wedding Photographer and if you check out the “About Me” tab on her website you will learn she’s practically the girl next door. She was married in 2006 and has two boys and a boxer. She has the best mother-in-law you could ask for, she’s obsessed with shoes, lives next door to her parents, and she is a list-making fool! She hates mushrooms, capers, bad wedding cake, and cell phones during wedding ceremonies.

We asked Brittany what inspires her as a wedding photographer, and she replied, “I love watching the day unfold through my camera, capturing the love between a couple. It’s something I can’t explain, but I love it.”

We also asked this Mama and boss to walk us through a day in her life. She replied, “When I'm not being their chauffeur, I can be found in front of my computer editing or behind the camera photographing a session or wedding.” To that, we raised our glasses! So many business owners are also mamas, editing after hours and making things work while kissing boo boos and making lunches. But don’t let this soft side fool you, as Brittany says on her website, she is known for her organizational skills, promptness, and years of knowledge in the wedding industry.

When we asked Brittany, what brides need to know before booking with her, she replied, “I’m more than just a wedding photographer. I strive to be helpful and I care about each of my brides. I will be the person by their side all day regardless if I'm smiling with them or crying with them. Their day matters so much to me; I will do anything to make it perfect for them.” That, my friends, is the kind of photographer you should be looking to hire!

Regarding recent events in the world surrounding COVID-19, we asked Brittany if her response to the above question changed at all and she replied, “I would encourage brides to take a deep breath and know that postponing is the wisest decision. When this all blows over, and it is time to celebrate with your families, it will be much more special.”

She also suggested brides take this time to be still and reflect. She truly believes we will all be better on the other side of this pandemic. We couldn’t agree more! When it comes to weddings, decisions made in a panic never tend to be good decisions. And often, although no one likes waiting, patience produces better fruit.

If you couldn’t tell, we absolutely adore Brittany, and we wish her the best during this trying time!

And, as always, with our Vendor Viewpoints, we asked Brittany several more questions, you can read her answers below. If you would like to contact her or check out more of her work you can visit her on the website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Now tell us what your best workday looks like?

The best workday starts with a quiet morning while drinking coffee and spending time with my boys before heading out to a wedding.

Do you have a fave ritual or work jam that gets you in the groove?

I typically jam out on the way to a wedding listening to various types of music depending on what I want to listen to that day. Sometimes it's 90's and sometimes it's country, but I'm always singing and dancing in the car.

What do you think brides in 2020 need to know in general?

Unplugged weddings are the way to go. Creating a sign doesn't stop all guests from taking photos, but it will get through to some. Having a guest ruin an important moment you can't get back is so hard for photographers. We get the perfect angle only to have to move quickly because a guest's phone is in our way. It’s ok to ask guests to be present and to put their phones down for 30 minutes.

What’s the best compliment you could receive regarding your work?

I just want my couples to love their images, but I also love hearing about how a certain photo means so much to them. I love emotion so I try to capture that.

Anything else you would like to add?

Weddings are such an important day and shouldn't be left to inexperienced vendors. Research all your vendors and make sure you are hiring a professional that has done hundreds or thousands of weddings before. Meet them and make sure you like their personality. Don't hire a vendor based on price because it may be the biggest mistake you make. Your wedding is one day that you will always remember so make that memory the best one you can.

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