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Paradise Productions featuring Mario Bryant

We don’t know about your quarantine experience, but ours was rather rinse and repeat, so the last thing we would want to see at a wedding after months spent hunkering down in quarantine would be a lack of a good time. And it turns out there are some things you just cannot do while still trying to social distance, but dancing is not one of them!

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If you are looking to up the level of celebration at your wedding, we’ve said it before and we will say it again, don’t skip hiring a DJ. The level of awkwardness at a wedding skyrockets as you throw two families and extended family members together in a room, often for the first time. And now, to potentially make matters worse, there are social distancing protocols and maybe even mandatory face masks.

So how will a DJ help, you ask?

Well, hiring a DJ is like hiring a tour guide in a foreign country. A good DJ has experience reading the room, and his/her entire job is to make sure the reception moves smoothly from the first dance to the send off with as little awkwardness as humanly possible. Say your best man’s speech gets a little weird, the DJ can cut him off. Uncle Zeke gets a little too freaky on the dance floor and offends your great grandma, the DJ can change the song. And this list of ways the DJ slash MC can save your reception could go on and on.

If we haven’t convinced you to book a DJ yet, don’t worry we will by the end of this blog.

Enter Paradise Productions. This company offers professional music, sound, and effects and is committed to providing the highest level of entertainment. Their goal, “to ignite the party and keep guests in the zone.”

Photo credit: Highlight U Productions

Photo credit: ksebastianphoto

Photo credit: Highlight U Productions

DJ Mario Bryant is one of the premiere DJ’s at Paradise Productions. He entered the DJ scene to further his love of music and to help people appreciate life through a musical journey. He was born in West Point, MS to a family that loved music. He was heavily influenced by the sounds of Motown, Rhythm & Blues and Gospel, but he grew to appreciate and enjoy all genres of music.

Photo credit: Highlight U Productions

Mario believes “Music is the universal language,” and he approaches every event to create a memorable and fun experience for all. We confirm this statement to be true, we have seen the Cha Cha Slide bring every kind of soul to the dance floor!

Paradise Productions definitely strives to partner with couples to deliver high energy, top notch entertainment focusing entirely on the customer experience and creating an unforgettable event. Mario goes further to explain “that at Paradise Productions excellent customer service is paramount to everything we do. We strive to fully understand your vision for the event and prepare in advance to create a seamless event experience. We value open communication, and because of this, our clients are pleased with our customer service before the first sound-check.”

So, what is the takeaway? If you are looking for the event of a lifetime, with high quality entertainment, the least amount of awkward, and the ideology that Covid-19 can’t stop your nuptials…contact Mario Bryant today via website, Instagram and Facebook.

BONUS: Don't miss out! Paradise Productions is offering a discount for Summer 2020, $100 off our Premier package or a FREE Up-lighting (8) package with our Classic package.

Wanna see the party in action?! Check out the YOUTUBE CHANNEL and MIXCLOUD CHANNEL

Photo credit: Highlight U Productions

Photo credit: Highlight U Productions

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