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Advice for brides planning their wedding.
Your questions, our answers.

Any advice for those of us brides who are unconventional with our weddings? We're throwing a lot of traditions out the window and are getting some backlash from loved ones.

Oh my goodness…we love this question. Yes, unconventional brides, we have advice for you. We are living in unconventional times. Could our grandparents possibly have anticipated COVID or live stream weddings?

Nope. So we’ve got to live in the reality of what is happening in our lives and make decisions based on what is important to you and your soon-to-be forever love.

Talk to your fiancé about the most crucial aspects of your wedding day. Is it that you must hike in with your whole wedding party to do the ceremony by the pristine lake where you fell in love? Do you just need to go for gold sequins on your wedding dress? Do you have someone dear to you that you want to be your officiant and it’s not your mother’s top choice? Can you not deal with stuffy ballroom style receptions and you would rather take everyone to an amusement park? Take time with your honey to discuss your shared priorities. Decide what areas you can compromise in and which areas are important enough for you to go against tradition.

Have a sit down with your families and communicate why these non-traditional aspects of the wedding are so meaningful to you and ask them what’s important to them. Listening and caring is especially important if

you’re asking them to foot the bill, because they will most likely want to know that their thoughts are heard and considered as your family that loves you. You can be grateful while still expressing that you want to have the

wedding of your dreams...not theirs. If you’re paying for your own wedding without the help of family, then the situation becomes a little less sticky and awkward, because you can really do whatever you want. But always

remember that the wedding ends and these relationships will go on, so we always recommend being as loving and peaceful as you can along the way. When you are planning your day your way, communication is key. Coming

together with your beloved to share your combined vision is where it all starts. Agree on what aspects are the most important to you both. And then share your hearts with your family around you, the ones who need to

be heard. Listen to them. You don’t have to change for them, but giving them your ear is sometimes all it takes to dispel any backlash. Be graceful.

You are so blessed. Your love is bringing together two families. It’s a wonderful thing. Remember this is just the beginning. Your wedding day is the first day of your whole lives together. Again and again, people who know share the

same advice: do not sweat the small stuff. We totally get throwing traditions out the window. Focus on what is truly important to you, be able to talk about it with your loved ones and have an awesome day.

We can’t wait to see the pics and hear how it goes...we’re cheering you on towards your wedding that is uniquely yours!


Denton Bridal Show

Bride chasing after groom on the beach.
Forget the backlash.

Have a wedding dilemma or question about planning? Maybe we can help! Whether you are a bride or a groom, MOB or FOB, member of the bridal party or family, or a vendor please send your questions our way and we will do our best to answer them. Contact us on Instagram or via our website contact page.


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