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Dear DBS...

Dear DBS…

I have my big, dream wedding to plan and only have about 8 months to do it. I am worried about getting all of the planning done in this COVID era. My mom is elderly and is worried about all the appointments and I have just started a full time job and don’t have a lot of vacation time yet. (And I need to save that for the honeymoon.) What is the best strategy to get this done? Any time saving tips would be greatly appreciated.

Never fear, DBS is here! Alright, honey, let’s take a big breath in…yes, all together now…and repeat after me…I got this! Oh, and exhale. Seriously, though. We feel you. There is a lot going on in the world right now and then you throw planning a wedding, a new job and a worried mom on top of it…that’s a lot! Now let’s dive into those time saving tips.

  • First of all, have you heard? We launched an Online Bridal Show, Brideologist.com, so you can plan your wedding from the comfort of your own couch. Brideologist is our answer to so many couple's plea to have an easier way to plan their wedding without the hassle of scheduling meetings with vendors and spending time driving around just to find out that the venue they wanted was out of their budget. At Brideologist, you can get video tours of services provided by photographers, caterers, venues and more. You can get a feel for what they offer and who they are. All vendors post pricing as well. Check out how easy it can be to search vendors here. We hope to make wedding planning as fun as possible for you.

  • When you create an account with Brideologist, you also have a whole array of wedding planning tools at your fingertips to keep you organized and on track. We have streamlined the process with a dashboard that includes budget tools, checklists, timelines, your own wedding website and more. Organization is so crucial and this dashboard keeps everything together for you.

  • Of course, you can find wedding planners on the site as well. We often recommend hiring wedding planners because it’s a no-brainer. Talk about a time saving tip. Wedding planners can meet you where you and your budget are at, they can be as involved with your wedding as you want them to be. They usually end up saving you money as well as time because that is their job.

  • Perhaps you, your beloved and your mom can divide and conquer. Make lists of what aspect of the wedding is important to each of you. Things that are important to the bride can go on her list, things important to MOB can go on her list, groom, etc…. Maybe you have more friends or family who would like to tackle something on the list? You can each focus on your bite sized morsel of wedding planning without feeling like you have to swallow the whole thing. We love lists.

  • Reading reviews saves you time. Getting feedback from others is a great resource. If you have a vendor that you can trust and you know you want to work with, ask them who they recommend and who they love to work with. It’s great to hire people who have experience with each other already.

  • Here’s a real time saving tip: get off Pinterest. Too much wedding inspo can cause you to drown in all the pretty possibilities. Check out our blog post, Potential Pitfalls of a Pinterest Wedding, to read more about this.

As always, remember to slow down and enjoy the process. The wedding is one day and the relationship is forever. Do one thing from your list everyday and focus on one thing at a time. You got this.


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