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Dear DBS, Are There Taboo Dates for Weddings?

We love our venue, but the only Saturday left is on September 11!! Is that a taboo date or should we go for it?!

Great question. Thanks for asking.

In short, yes, go for it. Although this date may seem taboo, the truth is that we know how hard it is to find an available Saturday right now. Especially with how many people have had to postpone their weddings. It’s crazy! One young lady told us she emailed 100 venues in the area and every one of them was booked. Yikes.

You got a Saturday in September? You go girl. And what a blessing to bring new meaning and memories to that date.

Also, every date could hold a tragic memory for someone, but life truly does go on! A perfect example is a wedding Lisa did last year on December 7th...Pearl Harbor Day. This was another historically, tragic event in America, but it’s impossible to mark off every date with a past and still have a wedding. You’d have to mark off D-Day, the date for the battle of Gettysburg, and hundreds of other battle dates where many Americans died.

Now if a bride lost a family member on 9/11/2001, then she may not want to host her wedding on that date. But in general, we say no date is off-limits unless it holds a personal, painful memory for you.

If any of you lovely couples out there are having a difficult time finding a date because of venues being full, check out brideologist.com, our online bridal show. It’s free to use and one of the sweet perks it offers is the calendar feature. You can see in a second what venues are available within your radius, on what days, and at what cost. If a vendor has not uploaded their calendar to their profile, you can send them a message right from their page. Just saying. We love making it easier for you to plan your wedding.

Do you have a question for Dear DBS?

Let us know. We’d love to answer it in a future blog.


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