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Dear DBS, Looking for a makeup artist that specializes in darker skin. Any advice?

Hire a Professional

This is not the time to ask your friend who is “good at makeup” to do you a favor. Professionals tend to be trained in all skin types; however, there are professionals who find themselves in one particular specialty. When you look for your makeup artist, ask them if they specialize in darker skin. If you find them on a site such as Brideologist or the Knot, there is a section where they can check off their specialties.

Referrals are Always the Best

Put out a social media post to everyone you know that you are looking for this very specific specialty. You will be surprised at how many responses you will receive. Check out your friends' Instagram pages to view their results, browse reviews online, and familiarize yourself with the artist's portfolio prior to calling to book a consultation or trial.

Picture Your Look

It’s fine if you aren’t crystal clear on how you want your final wedding look to turn out, but have an idea in mind of what looks good to you. Scour the internet for images of ladies who have your similar lovely skin tone with makeup that you love. Bookmark them and bring them to the makeup artist that you are considering to hire.

Be upfront with the makeup artist about what you are going for. The artist should be able to design a look for you that compliments your natural beauty.

Image thanks to J. Balla Photography

Test the Waters

Ask to see lots of examples of brides they've worked with. Make sure your MUA has wedding makeup experience.

Don’t be afraid to shop around.

Book consultations and trial runs. There’s a reason makeup trials exist. Even if you love your first trial run, feel free to book with several different artists until you find the perfect fit.

Oh, and, scheduling a trial run before your bridal portraits is a convenient use of false lashes. At least make sure you are going on a sweet date afterward. Let no false eyelash be wasted!

In Conclusion, My Melanin Blessed Ladies

You definitely do not want to leave this to chance. It is one of the most important days of your life and you won't get an opportunity for a do-over. We can’t wait to see you rock your perfect bridal look!


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