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Memorable Wedding: Mountain Vibes & a Pro Tip

Ariana Ruehle shared a sweet little gem of a Memorable Wedding story with us. She has been photographing destination weddings for the past 10 years and we love what made this wedding stand out for her. Family, nature and spontaneity.

All too often our expectations for the day overshadow the real magic that is happening in the moment. We're sure Ariane has seen that happen a million times in her career. All the more reason why the simplicity of this story makes it a stand-out.

Ariane flew to Montana to photograph her cousin's wedding in West Glacier. That is precisely the place that her cousin Allison met Steven and they fell in love on the job at Glacier National Park. The way she tells it in her blog, the day followed a natural rhythm that was laid back and relaxed. Yes, Ariana spent hours hiking with her cousin the week before the wedding, helping to hammer out the logistics. When the time came, the couple happily kept some things on schedule and let many things go with the flow.

Pro-tip: Build lots of time into your wedding day for photos.

This couple took three hours of their day to meander in the woods and get sweet in front of the camera. They drove to where they knew the most beautiful places could be found. The bride and groom hiked for over a mile to pose next to gorgeous waterfalls and rivers. The generous allotment of time for photos took the pressure off and you can see it captured forever in their smiling faces.

Allison and Steven kept it intimate with only 30 guests. They signed the marriage license on the back of the best man. Tears were shed. Scotch was poured. They got huckleberry ice-cream in town for the whole party and took everyone back to their Air BnB for the reception.

They built a fire when they liked, played hackysack when they wanted to, cut the cake when they were hungry. Nothing was forced. Everyone enjoyed a feeling of freedom as they honored this happy couple.

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