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Memorable Weddings: When Love Conquers Covid

Do you think one day we’ll ever ask each other, “Hey, remember when that pandemic happened in 2020?” I am going to say, probably not because this year will always be etched into our memories. If you lived through it, there will be no need to ask. As epic as these times are, it makes sense that the Denton Bridal Show Blog is starting a new series about Memorable Weddings. And to kick us off we have a beautiful wedding story about Regan and Austin making it work and making it memorable during the height of the coronavirus.

Like so many sweethearts who planned to get wed in May 2020, they had to cancel their big plans. Dashed dreams could have gotten desperate, but no. Regan made the smart move to call on CinemaStory for help.

CinemaStory is an awesome Dallas-based video production company that we love. They are all about telling your story through gorgeous cinematography. They are agile and on their A-game both with the top-of-the-line equipment they use and how they adapt to and nurture their client’s visions. A quick and adaptive videographer sure is handy when the world is turned upside down.

Shane and the CinemaStory crew met the challenges of a socially distanced wedding with a reduced-hours, elopement-type package to meet Regan and Austin’s new micro-wedding needs. They actually helped the couple create a wedding day schedule and came up with some fun ideas like colored smoke bombs and other scenes to help give their micro wedding more elements to showcase their story.

You have to watch the video. We have never met Regan and Austin, but in their four minute wedding video we fell in love with them. We were crying, cheering for them, and happy to see them carry on in the face of challenge and not be discouraged. You can see how Regan and Austin’s priorities were in the right place. They focused on the beginning of their lives together as one. Their parents and closest people were there and, thanks to CinemaStory, all of their friends could watch the livestream.

Their story shows a couple making the best out of a situation that was out of their control and in doing so, they had a perfect wedding that was beyond their imaginations and expectations. Necessity is the mother of invention. We need to love each other and celebrate that love. Weddings won’t stop. Here’s to Regan and Austin and CinemaStory for coming together to create and document a ceremony that can’t be forgotten.

You can find out more about CinemaStory via...

Instagram: @cinemastoryweddingfilms

Facebook: @cinemastoryweddingfilms


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