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Seeking A Wedding Officiant Who Cares?

The wedding officiant is there to guide you through the most sacred ceremony of your life. They hold space for your nuptials and help create just the vibe you envision for this momentous occasion. There are many ways to go when choosing an officiant, but if you are looking for someone who will listen closely to what you truly want to create, then allow us to introduce you to Jasmyn, otherwise known as, Joined By Jasmyn.

Wedding Officiant With Man and Woman
That Smile Says It All

The smile on this woman's face says it all: she loves what she does. You will feel comfortable with Jasmyn. It is her mission to provide a stress-free experience for couples. You won't feel any judgment from Jasmyn when you express yourself to her. She listens wholeheartedly. Her willingness to show up and get back to you ASAP is just a part of how she gives her clients excellent and personalized service.

Joined by Jasmyn is an ordained minister and vow specialist. So, yes, she can legally marry you and sign your marriage license.

She is hard-working, flexible and available. How great is it when you get a response within an hour or less? She sincerely does the best job that she can. If you need her to travel, she'll travel. If you want your ceremony in Spanish, SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.

Furthermore, Joined By Jasmyn is black-owned, woman-owned and lgbtq+ friendly. She is willing to meet you where you are at. To top it off, she is budget-friendly.

Ultimately, you want someone with a heart as big and bright as Jasmyn's. It's your day, and the more support you have in infusing it with love, the better. Joined By Jasmyn is 100% there to help you create the ceremony that suits you and yours.

Wedding officiant with two ladies.
Joined By Jasmin, A Wedding Officiant Who Cares

Joined By Jasmyn offers a fully customizable ceremony.




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