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Meet LeeAnn & Lisa

Have you ever been to a large event and wondered how it got started or who may have been lying in their bed a year ago dreaming about making it happen? Maybe not, but if you have, you’re in luck, because today we are peeking behind the curtain to see how Denton Bridal Show co-owners, Lisa and LeeAnn, made their daydream a reality.

If you have yet to attend the Denton Bridal Show, or any Bridal Show for that matter, let me paint a picture for you. Twice a year, over 70 vendors, representing the North Texas wedding industry, come together in one intimate location with the intention of putting their best foot forward. For a bride, it’s the closest you will come to stepping into a wedding wonderland- minus the potion, the shrinking, and the tiny little door.

The entire event is truly magical, as vendors bring their finest displays in order to woo brides and entice budgets. Wedding cake samples glide past you on platters, catering displays spill over fit for a king, and floral bouquets tip their hats to you as candelabras dazzle you from stunning table settings. The Denton Bridal Show co-creators are practically holding open the doors to the castle singing Beauty and the Beast’s classic theme song, “Be Our Guest!” Sounds amazing, right?

Friends and business partners, both officially and unofficially since 2006, this dynamic duo actually met at a bridal show while trying to get leads for their own personal businesses. Rather than collect leads that day they ended up collecting each other!

Lisa is a 36-year-old, mother of 4 (and a dog), and she is a wedding planner of 14 years.LeeAnn is a 46-year-old, mother of two (and a cat), and she has owned Widyn Photography for the better part of 18 years. They each have a very unusual side to their work history: LeeAnn being a former US Marine Intelligence Analyst and Lisa being a former cop. Can we say total boss babes?

After working together as a part of the North Texas wedding industry for over a decade they agreed that the region was in need of its own wedding hub. They spoke with the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau who affirmed their idea, and they decided to give it a go. They found the wedding community to be, not only supportive, but ready to jump in and make the Denton Bridal Show something to talk about!

The first show was held at TWU’s Hubbard Hall in January of 2015. It is no surprise that the event took off and, after much success and positive feedback, the duo decided to launch two shows a year, one in January and one in July.

This year’s Summer Show will be held at what’s expected to be one of Denton’s trendiest new venues, Monroe Pearson owned by Walters Wedding Estates. Due to the anticipation of the opening of the new venue the two expect booths to sell out quickly!

Upon further interviewing this adorable duo, I asked them about their future plans, hopes, and dreams for the successful event. They replied (almost in unison): Help more people!

They intend to interact with more businesses and brides by expanding their online presence to offer more connection and, eventually, education.

When asked about their strengths as business partners they replied: “we are not afraid of hard work.” Sounds like former cop/US Marine lingo, definetly boss babe mentality.

When asked how they’ve worked together successfully for so many years they described their commitment to “communicate efficiently and meet conflict and disagreement head on.”

When asked about each other’s strengths, LeeAnn replied, “Lisa is one of the most resourceful women I know.” Lisa stated, “LeeAnn is amazingly generous and makes a killer cup of coffee.”

When asked to choose between mountains or beach, LeeAnn replied, “Depends on my current weight!” Lisa stated, “Mountains for sure. Hiking, fireplace, sign me up!”

These women are truly inspiring and have mad love for small businesses and beautiful brides. You cannot be around them without hearing laughter. If you have not attended the Denton Bridal Show get tickets as soon as they go on sale, and if you haven’t met them make sure you hunt them down upon your arrival. Just follow the dancing teapot and singing candelabra.

Pre-registration is open to vendors who participated in the January show. Registration for new vendors opens Feb. 23!


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