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Hi Brides!


Below you will find a list of helpful hints and tips for making the most out of your bridal show experience!


Comfy Shoes are a MUST!


Girl, I know you love your heels, but Bridal Show day is all about your favorite comfy flats that will keep you going! Wear your most comfortable shoes to keep your feet from yelling at you, so you can catch every vendor on your "must see" list.


Bring Preprinted labels


All the vendors are gonna want your info! In order to prevent hand cramps bring sticky labels with your name, address, phone number, and email address on it.That way you can save the tears for beautiful wedding gowns and not hand cramps. 


Take Some Notes


You will talk to lots of different vendors and take home tons of literature, so take notes! Write down why you thought they were interesting or what made you notice them, so when you get home you can have a better idea who to follow up with.


Bring Cash Money


You will have the chance to purchase extra raffle tickets and maybe even some cool swag, so bring that cash money honey!


Most Importantly...HAVE FUN!


Seriously though, you're getting married!!! Kick back, relax, and enjoy this fun season of your life.

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