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Why the Wedding Website is a Must

There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, but the good news is, you're planning one in 2018! That's right, technology has a lot to offer in the wedding department. Not only can guests shop your registry from the comfort of their own couch (in sweatpants), but they can also RSVP from it!

Let's talk wedding website- you need one and here are four reasons why.

1. Get More Info to Your Guests - Free of Cost

No matter how intentional you are about arranging the information on your invite there will always be guests with questions. Yes, you can bold those directions to the reception in a carefully chosen, easy to read font, but the wedding website gives you better chance of minimizing calls from your guests by allowing you to add more information. For instance, you can add a FAQ page and cover every detail of your wedding from A-Z if you need too.

Now the only guests you should have to worry about are the ones who don’t have internet, and let’s be honest, that should reduce the number of calls significantly -because, again, it’s 2018.

2. A More Accurate Head Count

We all understand the importance of an accurate head count for both the budget and the caterer, but we also know that we are all terrible at sending them in on time! No matter how gorgeous of a job the stationer does those little RSVP cards get lost so easily, and there are only so many magnets on the fridge.

With the wedding website you can print your site URL on the invite allowing guests to quickly and simply RSVP online. Bonus: this saves you money by not having to pay to create, print, and send the RSVP card. Not to mention, now you have sent each guest to your sight where they can happily stumble upon all that bonus info you added on the FAQ page- WINNING!

3. Alert Your Guests

Plans change. Whether the wedding location is compromised due to bad weather or the date needs moved because of an unforeseen circumstance, the wedding website makes notifying your guests a cinch! They can sign up to receive alerts. Can you imagine having to call your entire guest list of 200? Yes, you will still need to give Grandma a call, but calling the entire list -back to the stone ages.

4. Link Your Registry (or 5) to the Website

While it's still a "social no-no" to put registry info directly onto your wedding invite, you CAN put this info on your wedding website for all to see.. and shop! This not only let's guests know that you will be accepting gifts at the wedding, but it encourages them to stick with the list rather than going rogue (*you only need one toaster, not 4).

5. Have More Time

Now that you have reduced the number of people calling with questions and the last minute Rsvp's drastically, you have more time to spend on things you need to focus on. And you also have more dollars to put towards that boho bouquet since you saved on printed RSVP cards.

Wedding websites have so much to offer. There are tons of other benefits and features that we didn't even mention.

If you would like to know where to start. We love The Knot. It is user friendly, covers all the bases, and has ultra-adorable templates. If you have found yourself deliberating over whether or not you should make a website the answer is undoubtedly YES! Go do it now!

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