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Little Known Local Wedding Planning Secret...and its free!

So, you are finally engaged, and you’ve started planning a wedding. Here’s what you know:

You need to pick a date.

You need a venue, flowers, cake.

You need a photographer and videographer.

You need somewhere for your dad’s 6 siblings and all of their children to stay for the weekend.

Oh, and you need a dress… shoes, hair, make-up and so on...

You’ve successfully completed your dream wedding list (written on the adorable planning printable you found online), but do you actually know where to start?

Do you know which hotels will accommodate grandpa’s sleep apnea machine or which ones have the indoor pool that your nieces have insisted on? Do you know which venues offer a space to host both a ceremony and reception, or which ones hold over 200 guests?

Unless you are actually an event coordinator, there were probably a lot of “Hmm I’m not sure or wait let me think” answers to those questions, right? No matter what you know (see your above list), there are thirty things you don’t.

Ok, you’re probably thinking I am going to say, “this is why you can’t plan a wedding without a wedding planner [insert planners coming to our show].” Wrong. Although there are some stellar wedding coordinators that will be attending our summer show, I am actually going to point you in a completely different direction, toward an organization you may not have realized can help you. Ready for it?

Your city’s local Convention and Visitors Bureau! You’ve either heard of them and have no idea how they can help you plan your wedding, or you have no idea who they are at all -in either case, you should definitely keep reading.

Because we are the “Denton Bridal Show” we are focusing on our Denton Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, but obviously we are sharing this, because it goes for visitors’ bureaus across the board.

You probably know the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau by their online and social media brand, Discover Denton. So, what does Discover Denton have to offer you in the way of planning your wedding?

A “Planning a Wedding” Tab

For starters, they have an entire tab on the website devoted to “planning a wedding”.

They have complete lists of businesses serving the wedding industry, grouped into helpful wedding categories, such as: wedding venues, reception and rehearsal spaces, and even local “wedding” favorites like: catering, beauty, florists, DJ services, gowns, photography, and more.

Lodging Assistance

They offer lodging assistance! Remember those special requests from family members we mentioned earlier? The indoor pool (for the nieces) and CPAP outlets (for Grandpa), well, the Convention and Visitors Bureau can help you find those hotel amenities. And thank goodness because as it turns out there are 45 to filter through. The same goes for venues, DJ’s, and reception spaces.

They will gather room rates from Denton hotels and provide a succinct list, including amenities, so you can easily compare what works for your guests. And the bonus, their services are complimentary and it’s their job to know the city inside and out, so they can give you the extra details, the intimate details, about your inquiries!

And that’s not all.

Transportation Assistance

They also provide transportation coordination to groups staying within city limits! This is huge. You will be busy with wedding everything and the last thing you need to be worried about is making sure family members have a ride from the hotel to the wedding venue.

Group Activities

They can even make arrangements for special group activities! Have a crew of friends coming in early for the wedding that haven’t seen each other in a while and need to catch up, or not sure where to send your Aunts for the day while you prepare for the rehearsal dinner? Well, the Convention and Visitors Bureau can provide a list of activities, restaurants, bars, and even coordinate transportation for the group!

Double Bonus: If you’re sweet and ask nicely they may even provide adorable, complimentary Denton goodie bags for your guests. Let’s be real, we all love promo items!

The Convention and Visitors Bureau is one of the best things the city can offer a bride. Don’t be shy! Call them up, come see them at our Summer Show, or stop by the new welcome center on the square- it is adorable and so very “Denton”. Planning a wedding doesn’t come without hard work, but we are firm believers in working smarter not harder, that’s the entire point of the DCVB.

Now go check out their site!

Denton Wedding photos by: Brandon Jones Photography

Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau website www.DiscoverDenton.com

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