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Premiere Vendor Feature: Honey Hollow Ranch

I feel like if we are all honest we would choose to have 20 or so different styles of weddings, styles of houses, cars, wardrobes, etc.…. I mean, maybe it’s just me, that wakes up and wishes my house was suddenly different, like instead of boho chic, today I wish my house was midcentury modern, but I bet you find yourself in that boat from time to time.

We actually faced this fact head on in one of our previous blogs, explaining it as the “paradox of choice: whenever you choose one thing, you are also not choosing other things that could be just as good.” With so many gorgeous venues available how do you make a choice that leaves the others behind?

Well, that’s a tough question, but we are trusting you will know which venue is best for you in the end!

We’d like to think we are helping by featuring the fabulous wedding venues that will be attending our show and showcasing the best of what they have to offer, however we realize they are all so amazing we could be making it harder to choose! But we’ve decided that giving you too many excellent options is something we can live with. So, sorry in advance to those of you who stumble across this blog and have already chosen a venue, we hope you don’t waiver, this is a good one!

Today’s Premiere Vendor Feature: Honey Hollow Ranch

Honey Hollow Ranch is charming and elegant to say the least! It is a quiet, secluded retreat conveniently located just minutes outside the DFW area. This ranch is sprawling 53 acres of tranquil respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, where you can enjoy lush green pastures, oak trees, gently rolling hills, a whispering creek, and the soothing sounds of chickadees, cardinals, and white-winged doves.

Whether simple and sophisticated or elaborate and enchanting, Honey Hollow offers versatile venue options paired with impeccable service. The ranch can host a wide range of wedding sizes and styles. The largest space, Honey Hall, is the perfect setting for your wedding or reception. The stage is equipped with professional sound and lighting to meet and exceed the needs of your DJ. The room itself is 4,000 square foot and air conditioned with high ceilings and custom lighting.

The BONUS: there is a Main Lodge that can be booked for your wedding party! This building features high ceilings, four fireplaces, and multiple, Texas sized rooms that include: beautifully appointed bedrooms, a newly updated kitchen featuring quartz countertops and brand-new appliances, and a game room. And outside, your wedding party can enjoy a heated in-ground pool, hot tub, and cabana.

Sold yet? We are. There’s nothing better than being sent off on your honeymoon knowing that your wedding party is cared for and can continue celebrating in style.

We are sure you know the drill by now, but with our vendor features we always catch up with the owner/managers to get an inside scoop for you! This time our questions were answered by Co-Founder, Josh Robertson.

When and how did you start?

We purchased the ranch in November 2016 by accident, as Father/Son partners, we saw a beautiful property at a great price. We envisioned a lot of things for that property, but it was not until February of 2017 that we launched the Honey Hollow Ranch as a wedding and corporate retreat venue.

How did you initially get into the wedding industry?

We are long-term business partners and we understand the service industry. We have taken our business knowledge, obsession with the details and applied it to deliver a great experience and beautiful environment for couples to start their journey together!

What is something about each your business that no one else would probably know?

George and I actually found out about the property through a furniture auction. When the we toured the property and researched, we were in love. The price was right, and the possibilities were endless. As the family business grows we have some big plans to expand honey Hollow Ranch and develop the property further. Future plans will include additional 4-6 two-bedroom cabins, walking trails, a 5-acre lake, and a beautiful chapel will be built lakeside.

What is your favorite part of owning and running your business?

The freedom to be creative and deliver an exceptional experience for our customers, their family, and friends. Pretty amazing to be a part of such a special day!

What is your most unique quality that sets you apart from the competition?

The beauty of our property is one thing, but our staff is special. We have high expectations and we deliver a unique experience. By offering an all-inclusive package, our team takes a lot of stress and burden off of the couple. When the couple and family arrive for rehearsal and the big day, we want them relaxed and focused on their day. Our HHR Family takes care of the details so the bride/bridesmaids can enjoy a large suite for the day and the groom/groomsman can enjoy the large game room and master suite to get ready for the day.

What is the best part about the Denton Bridal Show, for your business?

Networking and having a conversation with local brides. There are a lot of great options for venues in the area, so to have meaningful conversation and be considered as an option for a bride is an awesome opportunity.

What is the best moment during a typical wedding day, in your experience?

When the guest stand and look backward, the groom sees his bride, and the beautiful bride walks down the long path for a beautiful entrance! All the work and attention to details makes this moment worth it every time. The party begins after that!

If you had to own 500 lbs. of one thing (and it can’t be jewels or gold) what would it be?

Assortment of vegetable seeds. We could build a garden and know our family would have healthy and plentiful amounts of food.

Mountains or Beach? Mountains

Favorite Season? Spring

Ideal celebrity wedding couple?

George and Norma Strait. Losing a child early in their marriage, having success, and living in the public eye must be tough. Staying together through it all is a pretty cool love story!

This gorgeous venue and retreat center should certainly be considered within your options! If you would like to get more information head over to their website or give them a call 940.575.1950.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram!

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