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CinemaStory Wedding Films

Real fall weather in October, a dream come true! This weather is perfect for pumpkin carving, hay rides, and cozying up to a good read.

With that said, we hope your sipping something yummy ready to read today’s blog feature, it’s a real treat and this company definitely has tricks up its sleeve. Their cinematography leaves nothing to be desired and their love for capturing a good story is as endearing as ever.

Today’s feature: CinemaStory Wedding Films

We knew this would make the perfect October post when we saw a quote from Alfred Hitchcock on the website! Creator of the company, Shane Reitzammer, graduated from the University of North Texas in 2009 and created CinemaStory Productions in 2010. After two years and 912 published videos he decided to start filming weddings, and guess what? He fell in love with capturing and crafting other people’s love stories. It doesn’t get a lot sweeter than that!

Shane is the production manager, lead cinematographer and key editor for CinemaStory Wedding Films. He hired his partner in crime, team lead cinematographer and dedicated 2nd shooter, Joey Nicotra in 2017. Together, over the course of 2 years, they have carefully crafted a team consisting of assistant editors and 2nd shooters. The staff has grown from 3 people to 14 in this short time!

Shane believes their story telling style is what sets them apart in the wedding industry. He explains that there are three things that differentiate their style of videography: story, movement, and sound. I’ll use his words to expound. Spoiler Alert: this is the part where we caught the Hitchcock quote.

1. Story. To paraphrase Alfred Hitchcock, we like to make slow things go fast and fast things go slow. There are so many hidden emotions in a glance, a kiss or a funny dance move. (“This is so true! We love this.” DBS) That is precisely why we use industry leading high-speed cameras to capture key moments in slow-motion, allowing you to relive each emotion frame by frame. On the other hand, we do not exclude the slower moments, but rather highlight them via montages and time-lapses, ensuring no part of your day is forgotten from your friends and family that attended down to your carefully chosen napkin colors.

2. Movement. We are advocates of cinematic, awe-inspiring movement. We have spent over 6 years as Steadicam operators so that we can capture the feelings and emotions of a wedding day via one-of-a-kind shots and cinematic motion. We also deploy drones to get those unique perspective shots from way above. If you just wanted a camera on a tripod your uncle could do it right? (“We totally agree with this. Videography deserves a chunk of your budget, after all it’s something you will have forever! ” DBS )

3. Sound. Poor sound is too often paired with wedding videography and can decrease the overall quality of your film. Our team has prior experience in live performance sound production for theatrical performances and a passion for all things music – including creating several music videos for local artists. We take extra pride and care in recording live sound with our hidden wireless microphones on the groom and officiant along with a backup sound recording source via your DJ. You will notice the difference in our sound quality mixed into your film.

Ummm I don’t know about you, but after reading that, we were immediately thinking where do we sign! But just in case you still aren’t convinced to book Cinema Story Wedding Films to capture your nuptials, we have more video teasers for you. Yep, that’s right - our plan is to “reel” you in…. **too much? Muuhuuhahaha * evil laughter * also too much? Well anyway, you get the point!

This company will truly pour their heart and soul into capturing your love story as it unfolds. And they will follow a good love story just about anywhere! They book local and destination weddings, including destinations outside the U.S. so no more excuses. You will not regret booking this team.

They have three videography packages available on their website and all include unlimited hours, 8-12 minute highlight feature films, and one minute social media teasers. Thats right, they understand you want to post your amazing event on Instagram asap!

To book CinemaStory Wedding Films head the website. And if you want to view more stories check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy Fall Yall!

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