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Vendor's Viewpoint featuring Fowler Realty

It’s “Vendor Viewpoint” time again! We hope you made it to the show, and if you did, we hope you stopped by and met today’s vendor feature: Fowler Realty. If not, you missed out. Her booth was adorable, decorated as if it was home sweet home to newlyweds.

Alright, so we know people generally make assumptions about what kind of businesses attend bridal shows. They presume it’s all photographers, venues, and caterers. But in truth, there are so many other businesses present that couples may not even realize they’d like to chat with, realtors like Jennifer Fowler being one of them. What’s that? ...Oh you didn’t realize Denton Bridal Show could help you find your dream home? Well Surprise!

We recognize not everyone is looking to buy their first home right away, but we know that couples getting married are starting their life together and many will buy a home within the first two years of marriage. So that tells us it’s definitely important to find the right person for the house hunt.

So let’s talk real estate and get to know Jennifer Fowler.

To start, a “good” realtor should be happy to answer questions about your future goals, even if they know you’re not ready to buy a home yet. Jennifer, of Fowler Realty, is that kind of realtor. When asked what her what her favorite moment at work is, she responded, “Of course, I love closing day, but my best day at work is when someone contacts me about buying or selling.” She stated, “closing day is always great, but I love beginning the process with clients.”

Jennifer also revealed that she is inspired by first time home buyers. She went on to say, “Of course, I love all of my clients and am passionate about helping everyone in every season of their life, but those that are buying their first home have an infectious energy and a deep appreciation for what I do. It is very rewarding helping my clients get their first home.”

Because we know Jennifer truly wants to serve couples and first time home buyers, we also asked her to share a few things couples need to know when searching for a home.

Jennifer replied, “First thing they need to know is that it does not cost a buyer or someone looking to lease to use a Realtor. Second, meet with someone who will get to know you. I like to meet with all my buyers and get to know them and their needs. I will go over the cost of waiting, as well as the cost of renting vs buying. Third, meet with a lender who will help you figure out what you can buy. It doesn't cost a buyer to speak with a lender either!” Oh, and she said, “There’s one big thing that I want brides to know - your down payment can be as little as 3%! Most people think you need to have 20% of the cost of the home for a down payment. There are programs out there that can help with down payment assistance and a lender can walk you through that.”

See! What’d we tell you?! Have we convinced you yet that realtors definitely have a place in the wedding planning/happily ever after business? The Fowler Realty team certainly has a place as they are dedicated to earning your trust. It’s their job to take you from looking at homes online to watching your favorite movie in your brand new living room. Did we mention we will be inviting ourselves over? Don’t worry we have a small team.

There is so much more we could share with you regarding marriage and your first home together, but we don’t want to turn this blog into an expose. However, we have included the rest of our interview questions with Jennifer for you to check out! Happy reading.

Take us through a day in your life?

A day in the life of a Realtor is probably not what people expect. Yes, I do show houses, go to closings with my clients, negotiate terms of a contract, and work hard to keep a deal together. But, the majority of my time is spent building relationships with the community. I spend time connecting with people I know, reaching out to business owners, giving treats to the local high school staff, making baskets for fire departments, and networking with other Realtors. I also put in time to continue my education in real estate to better serve my clients.

Do you have a ritual or fave work jam that puts you in the groove?

I don't have a ritual for every day but when I get all dressed up from head to toe, that puts me in a great work mood!

What do you think brides need to know in general?

As a Realtor, there are so many things I want people to know about what we do. But one very important thing about Fowler Realty Team is that we give back 20% of our commission to military/veterans, educators and staff, first responders, medical personnel, non-profits, and government employees. That means less money that you need in order to buy or sell a home! We believe in a business model that serves others.

What’s the best compliment you could receive regarding your work?

The best compliment we can receive is your referral to your friends and family. When you tell others about what we do, we know that we have truly done our job.

There you have it folks! A peek behind the curtains. If you would like to learn more about Fowler Realty check out their Facebook and their website!

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