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Vendor's Viewpoint featuring: Mary Me Bridal

We are so excited for this Vendor viewpoint feature! This type of business is one of the most important in the bridal industry and caters to brides in a very specific way. Today we are featuring a local bridal shop, Mary Me Bridal!

We know 2019 is all about online shopping, and while we certainly don’t doubt many gorgeous dresses have been purchased online, it’s not generally the recommended way to go when wedding dress shopping. Not to mention ordering online completely skips the experience of trying on and searching for the perfect wedding dress! Don’t worry we aren’t judging those of you who have successfully made it happen online, but we are cautioning those brides still on the search.

When we asked Kim, the owner of Mary Me “What do you think brides in 2019 need to know in general?” The first thing she exclaimed, “Shopping on-line is risky! So many times, I have brides and bridesmaids come in frantically looking for an off-the-rack gown because they have ordered on-line, only to find out the gown doesn't look anything like the picture, it doesn't fit, or didn't arrive in time.”

YIKES! We think this is a warning you should heed. You do not want to spend the last week before your wedding frantically searching for a new wedding gown. We highly suggest an experienced shop like Mary Me.

Shopping for a wedding dress is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. We have said it before and we will say it again, you should choose a gown you feel completely comfortable and confident in and accomplishing that could take time. Kim, at Mary Me highly suggests making an appointment at your dress shop. . She states, “At Mary Me, dressing rooms fill up and sometimes it’s an hour or two wait before one opens, if at all, and we really don't like to turn anyone away.”

In case you were wondering (cus we were) the refreshments come with the appointment whether you purchase your dress or not, so I mean really what is there to lose!

Kim also mentions that upon arriving at the shop you should keep an open mind. These sound like words of wisdom to us! “Be willing to try on different styles,” she says, “so many times the bride ends up loving a style that is completely opposite of what she thought she would like.” She also mentions, “A bride should consider suggestions from her group, they can offer a lot of good points because they know her best.” But don’t worry she’s quick to add that in the end the bride to be is the one choosing her gown.

We also encourage you to bring your posse to the appointment! Not only can it make for a memorable, special experience, but it can also be helpful in decision making. What’s a posse? Your trusted people. The ones you know will answer your questions honestly because they want the best for you.

Kim also reminded us that there is not always a "this is it!" moment. In fact, she said, “more often it’s a process of narrowing down favorites. I have many brides get frustrated because they go from shop to shop waiting for that "this is it" moment. Sometimes it doesn't happen that way. Sometimes the bride has more than one favorite. Re-trying her favorites can help narrow it down to one gown.” Feel free to take a day or so and see how you feel later. Sometimes the dress you can’t stop thinking about, ends up being the one.

We can’t imagine having too many favorites- what’s a girl to do! But this is exactly why making an appointment at a shop like Kim’s is crucial to your wedding dress search. Her team is skilled and has been through the process over and over everyday for years. You might say “they speak bride”. Often experts of this caliber know what you will like before you do!

Curious as to how long Mary Me Bridal has been in the industry making dress dreams come true? We were too. Mary Me Bridal first opened in 1987 in the Northwest, shortly after Kim’s own wedding. It was opened by her and her mother, Mary. Kim tells us they were inspired by the beauty of gowns but also by a terrible gown shopping experience! Kim shared “We were treated poorly, and my bridesmaid gowns arrived one day before my wedding! So, my mom and I decided we could run a shop that would give the brides a much better experience.” Is there any better way to use a terrible experience? We love that they took the terrible gown situation and vowed to never let another bride experience that on their watch!

Kim and her mother, Mary.

Mary Me Bridal is truly a mom and pop (or, err... we should say daughter) shop that strives to create the best possible experience for every bride that walks in the door. If you are looking for your dress don’t skip this gem!

As we always do with our Vendor Viewpoint’s, we have asked Kim a few other fun questions just to help you get to know her a little better. We have posted her answers below. Enjoy.

1. What inspires you?

My faith inspires me. Shopping for a bridal gown can be a wonderful and emotional experience. The joy the bride experiences picturing themselves in "the dress" walking down the aisle often brings happy tears, but some brides are overwhelmed at making the big decision. Some are saddened because of the absence of a loved one. Some are self-conscious about their body type or are unable to afford a style that they love. I look for opportunities to be a blessing of some kind. Whether it be offering a hug of congratulations, a relaxed pressure-free experience, some comforting words or prayer, or finding a gown that the bride feels beautiful in that she can afford. It is my goal to be a blessing in some way to each bride.

2. Take us through a day in your life?

My husband of 31 years and I live on Lake Ray Roberts, so we enjoy coffee and a beautiful view of the wildlife to help get us going in the morning. My days off are spent enjoying my family. I have three children and five grandchildren. We love to fish, ride four wheelers, swim, go boating; we seem to always stay active and make the most of our time together.

On my workdays, I look forward to my appointments. We start each appointment with introductions and love to include the bride’s family and friends. The bride often has established a style she is looking for, so we often look at her photos of the gown she is dreaming of. We ask the bride and her group to pick gowns that they can see her wearing. Refreshments are offered as we begin the fashion show. As she tries on gowns and we learn her likes and dislikes, we bring additional gowns for her to try on until hopefully we find "the one." A celebration followed by lots of group photos with the "I Said Yes!" sign, completes a wonderful appointment.

3. Now tell us what your best workday looks like?

The best workday is a day of appointments, with my daughter, Mariah, working alongside me. The shop is full of excitement and we help make brides very happy!

We also look forward to "market days" at the Dallas World Bridal Market. I take my three daughters to pick out new inventory twice a year. It’s exciting to watch the fashion shows and see the new styles well before they hit the stores. Sometimes they hire Mariah to do the runway modeling!

Mariah in a fashion show

4. Do you have a fave ritual or work jam that gets you in the groove?

The first thing I do as I arrive to work before my appointments is my "texting Bible study group." We read one page of the Bible each day, I text it to the group along with a commentary and a prayer for the day. This seems to get the day off on the right foot for me.

5. What do brides need to know before booking with you?

Our family owned and operated business is about helping a bride have a good, memorable experience and finding a gown she loves. It’s more than selling a dress for us. Behind the scenes I'm checking and re-checking on orders so our brides can be confident her gown order is correct and on time. We do not limit the number of gowns she can try on, we do not charge to make appointments, nor rush a bride trying to make this important decision.

It takes about five months to order a gown, depending on the manufacturer, and Alteration Services like to have the gown two months in advance of the wedding. So, be sure to allow plenty of time to order. We also have many gowns we can sell off the rack if the bride is having a shorter engagement.

6. What's the best compliment you could receive regarding your work?

I am grateful for any compliment I could receive. It is particularly meaningful and memorable when a bride believes I've had an impact on her life, invites me to her wedding for a continued friendship, or remembers me afterwards by sending me photos and writing a heartfelt review. I truly love to see the wedding day all put together and think that I may have helped make her day a little more special. We work very hard for our brides and appreciate all encouragement.

Want to schedule an appointment with Mary Me Bridal, visit Facebook or their website and set it up today!

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