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Vendor's Viewpoint: 5 Star Rental Company

This week’s Vendor Viewpoint focuses on 5 Star Rental Company, and we can assure you they have virtually everything you might want or need when planning a wedding or special occasion. From elegant table settings and garden chairs to beautiful linens, this Denton-based company is here to meet all your rental needs.

We learned from General Manager, Cristi Carothers, 5 Star Rental started with a few tables and chairs and has grown its inventory to over thousands of products! According to her, 5 Star was inspired by the wedding and party needs of the people of Denton. And it must be noted that in 2018 this company won Small Business of the Year.

This award certainly speaks to the quality of service and amount of creativity their staff offers. “Our goal,” Cristi says, “is to help make an event as effortless as possible, as well as carry the clients’ vision out all the way to the end.” There are so many parts to planning an event. We should know, having two wedding coordinators on staff with Denton Bridal Show. Making sure the vision is carried out under any circumstance, and with any size budget, is difficult to say the least. It takes knowledge and experience to make it work.

When we asked Christi, “What do you think brides in 2019 need to know in general?” we love that she just so happened to mention the same thing we harp on in almost every blog. She replied, “PLEASE hire a wedding/event planner, they are worth every penny you spend on them. They have the knowledge that will help make the planning stress free and will truly help you enjoy the process.” We couldn’t have said it better, sister! But coming from a rental company, the idea should hold even more weight. After all, they see hundreds of events, with and without planners. So let’s just say, when it comes to weddings, they have seen it all.

Cristi went on to share with us that 5 Star Rental truly cares about their client’s vision and strives to offer comprehensive services to pull that vision together. They understand that the visual aesthetic of planning a wedding is crucial to executing the theme, so they often meet brides in their gorgeous showroom. We love this! And we have personally seen the showroom. It is a real win for those of us who are either extremely visual or have trouble making decisions unless we see it in real life. And in case you were wondering, they provide free quotes so that you can plan ahead. What more could you ask for?

As always with our Vendor Viewpoints we like to leave you with some of the more personal answers to interview questions. Answers from 5 Star’s Cristi Carothers are below. Enjoy!

1. What inspires you?

Our job is very much a creative process so we get inspiration from things such as flowers, art, the beauty of nature, just seeing the different colors and tones from them, and, much like everyone, lots of visuals like pictures on Instagram, Pinterest etc. We are also inspired by our clients’ daily. Each event we are part of inspires us to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our company prioritizes relationships, for both clients and staff. Our staff also inspires each other with their joy of serving, as well as creativity and attention to detail.

2. Take us through a day in your life?

Our usual day starts by answering emails, then connecting with our clients to make sure their reservations are accurate, see if they have any questions or need to make any changes. Then we plan out the game plan for the day by seeing what appointments we have and what orders we have. We stay in constant communication with fellow staff from other departments to make sure their day also runs smoothly. A lot of our job is connecting with each other, fellow staff, and clients.

3. Now tell us what your best workday looks like?

Our best workdays are Friday, and not because it’s the last day before the weekend. We love Fridays and consider them our best workday because it’s our busy day...The day where all the orders are going through and we see all the hard work we prepared for during the week paying off. It’s a beautiful day when the execution of an event is complete.

4. Do you have a fave ritual or work jam that gets you in the groove?

Drinking LOTS of Coffee & singing and dancing to Broadway showtunes

5. What do brides need to know before booking with you?

This is easy but something that's always forgotten or looked over…

Table Sizes and their set color palette

6. What’s the best compliment you could receive regarding your work?

Some of our favorites must be

“I love the options you picked out.”

“You made this such an easy process.”

Just seeing their smiling faces because of their perfectly run event, and hearing them compliment our warehouse staff is amazing. But we also love repeat business. Over the years, several clients that have come to us for their wedding, felt so taken care of by our team that they sought us out for their corporate events as well! That’s truly the best compliment.

Want to schedule an appointment with 5 Star Rental Company, visit Facebook or their website and set it up today!

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