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Vendor's Viewpoint: Your DJ

How do you know you had a great reception? Well, everyone has a different way of measuring. For us, good is when almost everybody is present for the sendoff. Amazing, is when even Grandma is on the dance floor. And awesome, is when the DJ stays just a little longer because the party is hyped and no one wants to shut it down.

Did you catch the videos from our Denton Bridal Show cruise? Obviously, we really like to dance. But let’s get serious - how do you keep your reception energy up and make sure there is a way for everyone to participate- you hire a DJ.

Couples often make the mistake of thinking a DJ is just for dancing, and, if they don’t value dancing, they may decide not to hire a DJ. But the DJ’s job is much more than playing music. Along with your event coordinator, the DJ facilitates your vision for the reception. The DJ is like the stage voice of your event coordinator. He or she makes sure the reception is headed in the direction you have planned, in the time frame you have designated.

Think about it for a sec. Have you ever been to a reception that didn’t have a designated spokesperson? It can be disorganized and potentially very awkward. There is no direction. Guests are unsure when to eat, when to assemble, and where to go next. The event just isn’t as memorable.

Enter today's Vendor Viewpoint featured business: "Your DJ" owner, Gus Garza

Owner, Gus Garza, went to a private school and used to play music for all of the dances. That lead to his decision to pursue a career in this field. He established his company, Your DJ in 1990.

“If you need an experienced and energetic DJ for your upcoming event, our company can provide you with exactly what you're looking for,” says Gus, “Your DJ plays a wide variety of different music styles, and we're fluent in both English and Spanish. We do weddings, kids' parties, corporate events, karaoke, and more in North Texas, and the rest of the state. You can trust us to provide you with the professional and affordable DJ services that you deserve.”

You heard the man- the key is trust! When hiring any vendor for your wedding you need to make sure that they truly see and understand your vision. “Weddings and Special Events are very personal. It’s really an honor to be invited to entertain at these events,” says Gus. This is definitely the attitude we recommend looking for in meetings with all vendors before hiring! Someone that understands this is a once in a lifetime event for you, and desires to see it all the way through.

When we asked Gus what 2019 brides need to know before hiring a DJ, he replied “Interview multiple DJ's. There is more choice and variety than ever before. Also ,it is easier than ever before to find and communicate with vendors.” This is sound advice! Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first person you come across. As Gus stated above, there are so many different types of DJ out there. You need to find the one that fits the vision for your event.

After hearing from Gus, we highly recommend that before booking your DJ you sit down and decide, as a couple, what your reception objectives are going to be. A clear vision will go along way, especially with an experienced DJ like Gus!

As always, in an effort to bring you behind closed doors, we asked Gus a few more personal questions!

1. What inspires you?

Seeing the growth of everyone around me. I surround myself with kind and caring individuals - we all encourage and support one another in each other's businesses. It is so satisfying to watch the development of people you care about.

2. Take us through a day in your life?

A typical day is taking my wife to work - possibly driving the grandson's to school, then driving to client meetings and venues - just handling the day to day business operations. Some days end early, but most weekends end late at night.

3. Now tell us what your best work day looks like.

Best work days or weekends are when all events are completed and the clients are happy with our services. So many things have to happen in order for a winning weekend to be achieved, it takes a lot of preparation time.

4. Do you have a fave ritual or work jam that puts you in the groove?

Fave work ritual is stopping at QT and grabbing drinks and snacks for the weekend events. The jam that currently gets me in the groove is Max Frost - Good Morning.

5. What do brides need to know before booking with you?

They need to know that we love what we do, and we are easy to work with. We will also take care of them like they are family.

6. What’s the best compliment you could receive regarding your work?

When at the end of the night the client says, "Thank you so much - you made the night, and all my guests gave me compliments all night long!"

7. Anything you would like to add?

I am always amazed and blown away by the demand of work that all vendors are experiencing! We are so blessed!

Want to research or book Your DJ, visit Facebook or their website and set it up today!

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