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Vendor's Viewpoint: Charlie Brown Travel

It’s Christmas ya’ll, and we are daydreaming about a white Christmas destination, complete with cozy fireplace and hot cocoa. Turns out thinking about our dream destination is the perfect setup for today's Vendor Viewpoint topic- HONEYMOONS!

It saddens us that this part of getting married is often either skipped, overlooked, or unaffordable due to the spending for the wedding itself. And, although we understand spending so much on a dream wedding, we would like to see the priority shift towards saving some money on areas that don’t last and putting it towards memories you’ll never forget- like your honeymoon!

Don’t get us wrong, the wedding is so important. We are a bridal show after all, meaning we will never stop promoting weddings and wedding planning. Standing in front of close family and friends committing your life to another- well, there aren’t very many other moments more important than that one. But we also believe spending intentional time with the person you just committed your life to is important. And, as it turns out, that can be hard to do post wedding without a plan.

Couples can struggle after their wedding, when the weight of their post wedding nuptials, and maybe the cost, fall on their shoulders. So, it’s just as important to have a post wedding plan, as it is to plan your wedding strategically. And guess what? Today’s Vendor Viewpoint company can really help with this!

Our Vendor Viewpoint feature is Charlie Brown Travel Company

There are so many ways to book your dream honeymoon in 2019 (almost 2020!). But more options don’t necessarily always make it easier! It can be very overwhelming in the middle of choosing every detail of your wedding, to choose a honeymoon destination (of the 7 countries you want to visit), as well as coordinate the travel plans, hotels, meals, excursions and gratuities.

Have no fear! Travel companies are a thing! A really good thing. As Charlie, of Charlie Brown Travel Company put it, “No one will be as reachable, hard working or take as much time as needed to ensure your trip is exactly what a client is looking for” than a good travel agent. The entire purpose of their job is to ensure that you and bae arrive safely at your destination and as he puts it, truly have a “wow” experience.

Charlie explained to us “all travel consultants/agents work with the same suppliers to offer quotes for travel. Hence, they have the same rates.” The difference,” he states, “is in the level of expertise we are offering to clients, as well as the level of customer service.” The hope of Charlie’s company is to create a custom travel package for you that encompasses everything you’d like to experience, within your budget of course. And that is the key!

Another amazing thing about his company, specifically, they do offer payment plans which can be really helpful if you are also planning a wedding. Just remember, like weddings we never suggest going into debt in order to make it all happen. Charlie was sure to add, “It’s okay to wait until the 1st year Anniversary to take the ‘WOW Honeymoon’ because you had your DREAM Wedding.” And we totally agree! Your ability to wisely make choices together will absolutely set the course for your new marriage and your future.

If you need to wait, someone like Charlie can help you prebuild the package you are waiting for! Then you will know exactly what you are saving for and be motivated to make it happen.

Getting married is truly a lifetime decision and should be celebrated as such! We know there is a lot to think about when planning your wedding, which is why we tell you over and over don’t skip the wedding coordinator. Well, we feel just as strongly about the honeymoon- don’t skip it! Even if you must wait a little while to make it happen.

As always, we love to go behind the scenes to help you get to know our vendors. Here’s a peak behind the curtains with Charlie of Charlie Brown Travel. Enjoy!

1. What inspires you?

The pleasure of assisting couples and families planning a Honeymoon or a much-earned vacation for fun and relaxation.

2. Take us through a day in your life.

They vary. Typically, I scan posts on Facebook while drinking a cup of coffee. Then off to reading emails and replying to those who have questions. Next, research and match what a potential client is wanting when they travel. Then, it’s time to read through the travel boards for things which are changing and get updates on events going on around the world.

3. Tell us what your best workday looks like?

Talking to a client about what options which will make their trip a WOW and hearing them get excited on the phone about it.

4. Do you have a fave ritual or work jam that puts you in the groove?

Listen to 99.5 FM or the 60’s on Sirius FM as background music which I find relaxing and sometimes sing along with a song.

5. What do brides need to know before booking with you:

- They should read our reviews on Wedding Wire

- Know that all trips are custom designed for them

- Should have an idea of their spending plan

- Know we offer payment plans

6. What do we think brides in 2019 need to know in general:

Dream about the ‘WOW’ Honeymoon regardless of the spending plan, it is something you will always remember.

7. What’s the best compliment we could receive regarding our work:

A client returning from an exciting trip and ready to book another trip!

Want to research destinations or book Charlie Brown Travel Company, visit Facebook or their website and book today!

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