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Dear DBS...

Since this is a second wedding is it still appropriate to make a gift registry?

It’s your party, and we say register if you want to!

Here’s the deal. There are so many different circumstances that can lead up to a second wedding. And a lot of times, those circumstances involve the loss of items needed. Bottom line, you know your people and your people know you, and probably the circumstance surrounding your second wedding. So really it’s up to you and your partner whether you feel a gift registry is both needed and appropriate.

If you feel comfortable registering and you know you are surrounded by loved ones who want to support and celebrate you, we say go for it! After all, guests have the option of choosing whether they bring a gift or not, so you aren’t forcing them to buy for you simply because you put together and share a registry. We say, let them decide, and we’d like to point out, however obvious, there can be no decision without a registry.

Another thing to remember is that you do not have to register in the traditional sense. There are so many ways now to allow guests to celebrate you, from a honeymoon fund, to choosing a non-profit to support, all way to an older tradition of a money tree or dollar dance at your reception. As we have said before, because we know repetition is the mother of education (*wink wink), this is your day and it needs to be authentic to you and your partner.

Hopefully, this answer helps to give you some peace, as well as freedom to let go of some fears surrounding older traditions. Marriage is an amazing choice, and we say let your loved ones celebrate you! As long as your heart is in a good place and not expecting everyone to participate, we can’t think of a lot of good reasons to tell you not to create a registry.


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