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Vendor's Viewpoint: Extreme Cuisine

What a time to be alive! Yes, we are referring to pandemic times, but not in the negative ways we often find ourselves thinking of it, but in a way that highlights the good amid the bad. Obviously, we have heard it said before “necessity is the mother of invention,” but this pandemic has proven the phrase to be true. We have seen more creativity come out of humanity during this pandemic than maybe ever before on such a global scale.

We have seen every kind of display, from brides finding ways to show family their wedding dress options on Tik Tok to full on drive-by weddings, and it has inspired us to say the least! And we have found ourselves grateful to have the privilege of showcasing some of the creativity locally, right here on our blog.

Today’s vendor’s viewpoint is Extreme Cuisine.

This local business located in Krum has been around for 20 years faithfully serving in North Texas, and this pandemic has not slowed them down! Extreme Cuisine offers so much to the community whether catering for businesses, celebrations, or weddings. The Covid-19 pandemic has only showcased their ability to adapt to the needs of clients by offering what they call “Curbside Dive’ and Dine,” complete with Family Style Take-n-Bake options, as well as “Saturday Night Treat Yo Self” specials. And, as if that were not enough, they’ve also offered us a little of what we’ve all come to find completely necessary during this crazy time – Humor, with their new Pro Tip series “Isolation never tasted so good.”

We asked Extreme Cuisine Chefs K and Matt what inspires them, and their answer was very clear, “Seeing the creativity of our employees...The way they create flavors and tray displays and how much they love to come to work. It inspires us both to do our best and keep our kitchen and events a positive, happy place to work.” We could not love that answer more.

We also asked the Chefs what they felt brides needed to know, and we found their answer very timely. They replied, “When all is said and done, just being married is most important! What matters most are relationships with family & friends. Stressing about the perfect wedding and/or wedding day makes for turbulence instead of a celebration of your new life. There is always a factor that is out of your control (i.e. weather, traffic, human, etc.), so accept it, and plan, but embrace all of it.”

Photo: Lauren Bloom Photography at Hawthorn Hills Ranch

Wow! This may be exactly what all of us needed to hear regarding 2020, because it has been the definition of out of our control. During such an uncertain time one thing is for sure, Extreme Cuisine isn’t going anywhere! If you have not checked out their Curbside Dive’ N Dine’ you are missing out on some tasty cuisine. Head to their Facebook, Instagram, or website.

As always on our Vendor’s Viewpoint we asked the Chef’s a few more questions so you could peak behind the curtain of their lives. Enjoy!

Tell about a day in your life.

Chef K – Catering is an irregular schedule, but most days, I get up and have morning coffee and conversation with a group of friends (we meet 3 times a week and have been for 10+ years.) This is a unique group of women. Then I head to work to start making a daily prep list for staff and help staff with ideas or recipes for current menus. I make a list for daily events, answer emails, and manage a lot of the busy paperwork. After I leave work, I love visiting with family (especially my grandkids), enjoying my friends, enjoying our home (empty nesters), quilting, watching a movie or tv show, etc.

Chef Matt – My mornings usually start with taking my dog for a walk and getting my kids to school. Then I head up to work; make sure the groceries and supplies are bought or delivered for our weekly jobs. Then I oversee and help prep food, talk with clients, prepare tastings, etc. If there is no event that afternoon or evening, I go home and relax with my family.

Do you have a fave ritual or work jam?

We try to get to work and both look at our work board together. Then we make plans for employees, do prep work, set time limits/goals on jobs & duties, and then work our plan.

What brides need to know before booking with you?

We are easy and flexible to work with! We know how stressful the day can be and absolutely do not want you to worry about the food. We like to have everything in writing so every person in the planning party can see on paper the details and job duties for ourselves and our staff so there are no surprises.

What is the best compliment you could receive?

To hear that our brides and their guests were happy with our food and our service.

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