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Vendor's Viewpoint: The Wedding Hairstylist, Shauna McCabe.

Hair salons were a hot topic during and after quarantine for a good reason! We are still surprised that Black Friday-esque fights didn't break out at many salons overbooking once quarantine finally lifted. So, in honor of all hair stylists and their efforts to both make it through a government shutdown and then make it through the mad rush of reopening, we are featuring one of you today.

Today's Vendor's Viewpoint is from Shauna McCabe of Salon Sage.

We caught up with Shauna of Salon Sage in Flower Mound, Texas and asked her what it is that inspired her to open her own salon and we absolutely loved her answer. Here's exactly what she said, "The challenge of creating and being able to please each guest with something that suits their lifestyle and compliments their individual style." We love a girl who is inspired by a challenge and taking on someone’s hair can be just that, but it seems Shauna takes on the challenges of her job with ease.

At Salon Sage they offer first-class service including today’s most advanced coloring and hair management techniques. They're dedicated to providing clients with the utmost attention, courtesy, and level of service. In layman's terms, they are looking to PAMPER and INDULGE you. What more could you ask for?

As businesswomen ourselves, we love to hear other business owners walk us through a day in their life, and so we asked Shauna to give us the run down. "Let’s see,".... replied Shauna, "a day in my life...so shall we discuss a day in the life of a stay-at-home mom during quarantine? Those days were actually okay for me. I got into a pretty good routine of family time, chores, exercising and eating! But fast forward to current times. I wake up and get the kiddo up, do my best to get glammed up for the day, make lunches, and then it's off to school for the kiddo and off to the salon for me! Once at the salon, I mentally and physically prepare for the day by checking to see who all is coming in, taking product stock, and getting ready for my first client. I must add I am truly blessed with my amazing clientele, many who have become so much more than clients, they have become my friends that I look forward to seeing! And to top it off, I work with some talented and amazing women who I am so fortunate to get to do my ‘work life’ with. After a day behind the chair, I get to come home to my sweet family, husband, and daughter for a bit of quality family time before bed. And I get to do it all again the next day." Wow...here’s to not only Shauna, but all of you mom and dad-preneurs out there juggling it all and killing it!

We also asked Shauna if she has a fave work ritual or habit that gets her in the groove and she replied, “the feeling of being prepared and organized for her day."

If that isn't the mark of a great wedding day stylist, we don't know what is. It takes a lot of organization and time management skills to handle the full bridal party on any wedding day. You definitely want to make sure organization is something your stylist cares about. Shauna's best day is "when she feels prepared for the clients that are scheduled so she can anticipate their needs."

We often want to find out for brides what vendors think they need to know before booking. Shauna expressed that brides should schedule a consultation to get to know their stylist. She also urged brides to remember to take things in stride and be flexible regarding their wedding day.

Hair can be an amazing asset or a huge area of insecurity and anxiety. Having a stylist who understands where you land on that spectrum will make a world of difference. We agree with Shauna, go meet your stylist in advance!

The last question we had for Shauna she answered without hesitation, what's the best compliment regarding work that you could ever receive. "A referral!" Of course. So here is ours- go check out Salon Sage now!

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