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Box Your Way Into Your Bridal Gown with Rumble Boxing Flower Mound

Take the stress out of fitting into your wedding dress. Go to Rumble Boxing Flower Mound! There, they promise to get you into amazing shape while having a kick a** time.

So here's the deal. A Rumble class is a mix of HIIT (High Intensity Training), strength training, (METCON) metabolic conditioning, and cardio. It's 10 rounds, 45 minutes that will leave your whole body worked and your endorphins pumped. Half of the class is spent exploring the skills and drills of boxing, and the other half is spent on the transformative power of resistance training.

Did you know that punching is proven to relieve stress? Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but the good people at Rumble Boxing will help you drop the BS. As they say, the only BS they tolerate is Boxing and Strength.

Speaking of the people who make up Rumble, the trainers are an incredible combo of expert DJs, motivational speakers, and fitness pros. Let's just start with the music. For instance, the class description could be "Old School Rap Playlist". The jams don't quit. They blast beats that help you smash. The classes are music-driven with one-of-a-kind playlists.

The music blares in concert with sexy lighting and seriously good vibes. Everyone is welcome. No experience is necessary. You don't even need your own gloves. They got you covered with ones you can rent for only $3. Just come wearing comfy clothes and that make you feel fly.

It is scientifically proven that boxing is effective with weight loss. You're going to be burning up to 13 calories per minute in their classes. That coupled with the happy hormones that are released when you are beating their tear-drop, water-filled bags makes Rumble Boxing Flower Mound a dead ringer for fiancees getting ready for their big day. Both brides and grooms-to-be can enjoy these classes side by side. And just to quote Rumble folks further, "Life is better when we do it side by side!! Let’s get ready to Rumble!!"

At Rumble, they believe the hour they spend working out with a great community can inspire the other 23 hours of our day. They believe in sharing good vibes and energy with the world, and more than anything they believe in each other. 


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