Dear DBS, What can I expect at the 1.9.2021 Denton Bridal Show?

Well, thanks for asking my dear. Let’s just dive in and discuss one of our favorite topics: The Denton Bridal Show. A place that merges fantasy and reality, having fun and getting it done, really savvy vendors with really adorable brides-to-be and newly engaged couples.

What is a bridal show/expo?

Let’s start here and explain the terms. Bridal Shows (or Bridal Fairs or Expos) have been described as a one-stop-shop for brides to get all their needs covered. In a few hours, they can have their wedding plans made from booking the cake to the florist to the photographer. It has also been compared to speed dating between the bride and the vendors. In minutes, you can get the feel for who your would-be makeup artist is, what her style is like and how much she charges. To sum it up, you get to meet a ton of vendors in one room, see a sample of their work, check their availability, and get their pricing.

Lisa greeting guests.
Lisa greeting guests.

Why should I go?

Free Food

Need I say more? I mean, the food samples are so good that I’d go whether or not I was planning a wedding. Cakes and cupcakes and lush catered bites of delicacies. Mmm.


The free stuff doesn't stop at the serving platter. This year we have some epic raffle prizes. Everyone who registers for the show, whether at the door or online, is eligible to win. Registration costs $10 per person. This year’s fabulous raffle prizes are a FREE wedding at Hawthorn Hills Ranch and a FREE wedding & groom’s cake for up to 150 people with 3 pounds of strawberries provided by Candy Haven. Some people buy tickets to the show even when they know they can’t attend, just so they have the chance to win the prizes.

In addition to the Grand Raffle Prizes we offer just for registering at the show, the majority of vendors at the show will be offering additional prizes of their own that you can enter to win. In fact, you might consider bringing some address labels with your name, email, phone and wedding date on them, so you can stick them on the raffle entry forms, rather than having to hand write your info each time.

Promos & Deals

So many of our vendors offer specials just to our Denton Bridal Show brides. You can find special promos and package deals at the event that you won’t find anywhere else.

Inspiration & Ideas

When you are at the show, you are in deep with experts of every aspect of the wedding industry. The vendors keep up with the trends, they know what’s hot, and they can give you so many ideas about how to make your wedding just right for you and yours.


This is a great opportunity to see so many dresses all at once. You never know, you might literally walk out with your wedding dress in hand. You can buy a dress off a rack or just try a few on to get some ideas about what you like. We will have double the changing rooms to allow for more breathing room during these Covid Times. This brings me to my next topic...

Getting it done at the Denton Bridal Show.
Getting it done at the Denton Bridal Show.

What to expect at the Denton Bridal Show during Covid?

We feel so blessed to be at a venue that is large enough to accommodate everyone and still allows ample space for social distancing. There will also be plenty of space between booths. Masks are required, and all vendors & attendees agree to our COVID guidelines. There will be plenty of hand sanitizer provided throughout the show. Click here to view the waiver and COVID guidelines mentioned above. All in all, you are still getting all the benefits of attending a show. That hasn’t changed.

Tips for Attending The Denton Bridal Show

Bring Your Honey

It’s going to be fun. And it will give you a place to share ideas and brainstorm together. Maybe your sweetie has never had a bacon cupcake before. If he doesn’t feel like making the trek, at least come with a squad who is stoked to share in the merriment. This is a family friendly environment and children are welcome.

Bring Your Camera

There is so much eye candy to be dazzled with. Take pictures and videos for a fast way to record what strikes your fancy.

Bring Your A-Game

Be rested and fed. Yes, there will be treats and yummies, but breakfast is never a bad idea. And be prepared with how you want to spend your time there. What do you want to focus on? What are your goals? Maybe make a list of your top 3 priorities and knock those out. For example: meet 3 possible venues, 3 possible photographers, and try 3 different cakes.

Our Online Bridal Show: brideologist.com

If you would still like to plan your wedding with ease, but are not quite ready to come to an in-person event at this time, no problem. We got you covered. We have launched a brand new Online Bridal Show called Brideologist. After throwing the DBS party for over 6 years now, we know how to do bridal shows. We know how to help people plan their weddings efficiently. We learned the most from talking to couples and asking them how we could best be of service. They told us they wanted everything we were offering at our show, but online. This way they could organize their weddings year-round from the comfort of their own home.

Video Tours of Vendors

Brideologist offers couples a place to see a video tour of each vendor. Couples can see what the vendors offer and who they are.

Prices are posted.

Total transparency. No need to drive to an appointment with a venue just to find out they are out of your budget.

Wedding Planning Tools

And there are all kinds of built-in tools to stay on top of it. It comes with your own personal wedding website, checklists, timelines, guest lists, budget tools and more.

And It's FREE!

This is a major value that we are offering to couples for free. We are confident this will ease the stress of planning a wedding. Click here and see how all the ways Brideologist can bring the bridal show home to you and how it can work for you.

Ask us any questions through the contact page, DM us on our social media pages, or ask LeeAnn or Lisa at the show.

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