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Memorable Weddings: Making Memories When the Lights Go Out

Memorable weddings: making memories when the lights go out.
You wouldn't believe how the photographer captured this image.

When you look at this picture, you might see some handsome looking guys dressed to the nines and ready for a wedding. A picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, you need some back story.

We love hearing about weddings that can't be forgotten because they are just too sweet or sad, crazy or quirky. Especially from our fellow wedding vendors who have seen it all.

We gotta give thanks to Tim Ostermeyer of Mer De Louve Photography because this story takes the cake.

Imagine you are a wedding photographer and the lights go out. Boom. Blackout. A storm was passing through Dallas that day and left the whole wedding party in darkness. The ceremony had ended, and it was the time for family pictures to be taken.

It was dark outside and had been since before the reception. Many photographers may have just packed up their equipment and called it a day, throwing their hands in the air saying, “What can I do?". Not Tim. He improvised. Something we all are called to do these days.

Memorable weddings: making memories when the lights go out.
Looks pretty good for being taken in the pitch black, right?

Tim tells us, "It was completely black in the entire room and nobody could see anything. I could not even see the people in front of me to take their family photos, but the infrared red light on my flash allowed me to focus on their faces before the flash lit up the entire room and I got 100 totally in-focus perfect family photos with all family combinations in total darkness.”

How epic! He was the only photographer there. James and Mallory Keele, along with their families, would have always remembered the blackout wedding, but thanks to Tim, they have the proof. We can only imagine how the darkness may have allowed people to be even more themselves and less self-conscious in the pitch black as they posed for their pictures. Tim confirms, "Everyone was shocked I could take photos in total darkness.”

We love it! If you have a memorable wedding story that you would like to have featured in our blog, let us know.

And in the meantime, check out Tim Ostermeyer’s website: Ostephoto.com.

Memorable weddings: making memories when the lights go out.
The man has got skills.


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