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What to Know About Live-Streaming Your Wedding

As though wedding planning wasn’t enough of a learning curve, throw in dealing with a pandemic and, Boom!, things get even more complicated. Before it was blogs about what you need to know when hiring a wedding videographer. Now it’s what you need to know about live-streaming your wedding.

There are some pros who haven’t skipped a beat and they are here to help us through this process without even letting one wedding shot look shaky. The good folks at CinemaStory are the go-to people to understand the latest trend in wedding videography.

Working with pros to set up your livestream is well worth the investment.

Why should you live-stream your wedding?

It can be heartbreaking when some of your nearest and dearest can’t attend your wedding. Whatever the reason someone may have for not making it, how awesome is it to give your guests the opportunity to be a witness to your ceremony no matter what? Live-streams make it possible for your loved ones to be there with you even if they can’t make the trip.

What are some perks to live-streaming?

Because they happen in real-time, you can have the video of your ceremony immediately. You don’t have to wait for the images and videos to be edited to share them with your friends and family. You can walk down the aisle, grab your new spouse and go relive the moment right away.

We love that there is an interactive element to live-streams via the chat. Your cousin in Alaska can let you know how stunning you look just as you take your first step down the aisle. It’s a great way to record all the first reactions and feelings people have as they watch the ceremony. And you’ll be able to go back through those comments forever.

Live-stream techs switch between camera angles to create a more cinematic feel .

Who should live stream your wedding?

You could ask your tech-savvy friend to take it on. But is it worth ruining a friendship if they botch the one chance for your grandparents to watch you say “I do"? “The #1 post-wedding regret by brides is not having a wedding videographer…and 25% of those that did hire a videographer wish they would have spent more on a professional company.” – BRIDES Magazine. Why not rest assured that one of the most meaningful moments of your life is handled properly for posterity?

We recommend CinemaStory. They have that name for their company because they are beyond videographers, they are cinematic storytellers. They use camera equipment that blows a smartphone out of the water. Their live-streams have multiple cameras set up so they can make that quick move between a wide-angle shot of the bride walking down the aisle to a close-up of the groom’s reaction as he sees her for the first time.

Shane and his team at CinemaStory also handle sound properly so people can hear your vows, not the wind and background noise. If your viewers cannot hear the audio very well during the live-stream, chances are they will not stick around. CinemaStory takes on the many facets of live-streaming along with capturing your love story in a cinematic way. So you can just be in the moment knowing you will be able to relive it forever.

What do I need to know about live-streaming?

If you hire CinemaStory, you need to know nothing. They take care of everything. They will meet with the venue and make sure they have a hard-wired ethernet connection to guarantee the best quality stream. Otherwise, they can offer a hot-spot for live-streams in remote locations.

They create a YouTube live-stream link and send it to the bride and groom to start sharing with their virtual guest up to 3 months before their wedding date. They even send some “best viewing” instructions that you can pass along to your virtual guest. They are there to help navigate this newer technology for those of us that are technologically challenged.

On that day, you don’t have to do anything! Their live stream technician director will arrive up to 2+ hours before the ceremony to begin setup. They will handle all technical aspects and be ready to start streaming the ceremony broadcast to the previously provided link at the correct start time. During the ceremony, they “switch” between the cameras to provide a more cinematic live-stream experience and show all the moments happening in real-time.

After the wedding is over, the same link can be replayed immediately. This means the bride and groom can watch their ceremony film on the same day it has happened and forever after! Along with the YouTube link, they also send a downloaded copy of the entire ceremony so you can save it forever.

How much does it cost to live stream?

CinemaStory has three different packages a bride can select to match her needs and budget. They offer free consultations to discuss the different packages and their needs to find the perfect match. They act as a friend to help couples walk through this sometimes daunting task of recording and sharing their wedding. And they are talented artists who bring out the cinematic masterpiece of your wedding day.

We just want your wedding day to be as smooth as possible and working with CinemaStory is another angle to make it memorable and easy.

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Oh wait, first check out this stunning reel of some of their work↓↓↓↓↓.


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